Free online Leonardo Da Vinci puzzle game for kids (boys, girls) to play now with no download: Fun Da Vinci game, a cannon-ball physics shooting game for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet. Interactive design games, fun engineering learning activities for the elementary student to middle school classroom.
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Fun Da Vinci - Puzzle Game Online

Rating: 7/10 - 414 votes

Fun Da Vinci is a straight-forward, interactive physics-based puzzle game for both younger and older kids where you have to move and place objects in ideal positions so that cannonballs can be fired and directed into designated urns in each level. Set in the Renaissance period environment of the amazingly gifted Leonardo da Vinci, an innovative inventor, engineer, architect, mathematician, anatomist, painter, sculptor, musician, writer, and so much more.., you play the role of the inventive game changer here. Outlining your solutions to the physics and engineering-based problems on one of Leonardo’s legendary notebooks, you must impress your peers by designing a pathway (route), and strategically positioning various platforms, adjusting bridges, creating pathways, setting up blockades, and more so that the fired cannonballs reach their destination in the urns (fancy vases of the day).

The gameplay and graphics of this atmospheric brain teaser makes it feel like you are being immersed in a Renaissance drawing board. From the cracked parchment-style look of the play area, to the cool background noises mimicking a 15th century Italian city, this is one of the quirkiest puzzles you’re ever likely any time soon. As in all physics-based puzzle games, your observation skills, problem solving and strategic planning abilities, determination, stamina and patience are sternly exercised and tested. Be inspired by the true genius that was Leonardo Da Vinci (1452 – 1519) who even made detailed outlines of helicopter-like flying machines, tanks, and even robots in his spare time – hundreds of years before these machines were actually invented. Happy innovation!

How to Play: In each of the 27 increasingly difficult levels, your objective is to fill all of the urns (there may be one or more) with the cannonballs launched once you press the ‘Start’ button (in the bottom right corner) to fire. The number of cannonballs in each level is indicated by dark dots directly behind the cannon. However, before you press ‘Start’, you need to alter the game screen area dynamics so that the balls are deflected / directed toward the urns when fired.

Click, drag, and rotate the objects & block shapes from the bottom of the play area into a position where they will positively affect the cannonballs once they get launched. Yellow objects are affected by gravity, while transparent objects are fixed in place once you release the click. Click ‘Start’ when ready. If you fill all of the urns with the required number of cannonballs (indicated by small dots below each urn), you progress to the next level. However, if you fail in this objective, you must go back and re-jig your masterful design, and the positioning of your adjustable objects. Enjoy!

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