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Online Gravity-based Puzzle Game - Kick The Block

Rating: 7.9/10 - 2148 votes

Kick The Block is a challenging, interactive physics-based puzzle for kids and teens where you have to eliminate all of the pink blocks and shapes in each level using good strategy and an understanding of the effects of gravity to strategically topple them off the game screen. You play the role of the ‘Slicer’, and have to carefully and courageously cut through ledges and platforms to initiate momentum and set off a dramatic chain reaction that causes the pink blocks to tumble/fall out off the playing area. Create pathways, remove obstacles and methodically maneuver objects to help you along the way to Block-Knocking glory!

This highly stimulating and addicting brain-teaser puzzle is a true test of your problem solving abilities, as you have to figure out and create the ideal solution to rid the screen of those pesky pink blocks. Strategic planning and great patience are vital skills required to succeed as you have to carefully slice ledges and platforms in a methodical and logical fashion. There is plenty of trial and error needed, and as the old saying goes - “Practice makes perfect”. Ok Puzzle Wizard, it’s time to knock those blocks off!

How to Play: In each of the 25 increasingly tricky levels, your ultimate goal is to rid the game screen of the disgruntled Pink Blocks (these structures have angry faces on them, so toppling them is actually a pleasure!) You cannot move or topple the Blocks directly. Instead, you have to ‘Slice’ other objects, such as wooden platforms and ropes that are attached to the Blocks. Hopefully, the law of gravity then ensures that they tumble out of the game screen area.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform a cut (Slice). Left Click and move the mouse in a sweeping motion across the wooden ledge to make a Slice. You can see how many Slices you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen for that level. In certain levels, there are Green Blocks that you have to protect. Avoid causing these Green Blocks to fall out off the playing area. If you get stuck, or run out of Slices, click on the ‘Reset’ button in the top right corner to restart the level. Note: Not all of the Pink Blocks are square-shaped. Some are circular, others are triangular.

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