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Online Brain-teaser Puzzle Game for Kids

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The Wizard Of Blox is a physics-based puzzle game that involves strategically placing blocks and shapes of similar colors, in order to gain points. This fun educational game is perfect for anyone (both young and old) who loves and appreciates the magic of physics and gravity! The Wizard Of Blox game requires structured foresight and provides hours of mind-testing entertainment! Your goal is to clear the game screen of all shapes. To do this, you need to place all shapes of similar colors together. When they touch each other, they disappear (in a flash!), earning you points.

Once you clear all the shapes, it is on to your next trick – your next disappearing act. If (at any stage) a shape falls off the game screen, your wizardry has failed and you have to start again. If shapes are left in the game screen that you can’t clear, you also fail. Everything must disappear. Are you up to the challenge? Think you have it in you? They say, that only a “True Wizard” can perform these 45 magic tricks. Have a go Houdini – See if you can make everything disappear!

How To Play: Decide which object you want to use from the colored objects at the top of the game screen. Use your computer mouse to click on your chosen object. You can now move it into the main playing field. Click on it again to either drop or place it (where you want) in the playing field. Once it touches an object of the same color, the touching objects will disappear. Once you place or drop an object, it cannot be moved. Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to play: “A / Left Arrow” & “D / Right Arrow” to rotate the shape you are moving. “Z and “C” rotate the shape in small steps. You can see your Best Score, Bonus and Total at the bottom of the game screen. Tip: The faster you make the objects disappear, the more Bonus Points you earn. Good luck!

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