Free fun interactive problem solving puzzle games online for kids (girls, boys), elementary school students, middle school age kids to play now with no download: Snoring 2: Wild West game is a fun interactive puzzle for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet. Logic problems, online brain games for the classroom.
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Interactive Problem Solving Puzzle - Snoring 2: Wild West

Rating: 8.4/10 - 107 votes

Snoring 2: Wild West is a fun interactive puzzle game for younger kids of elementary to middle school age where you have to wake up a snoring elephant (by impacting with it, and toppling the elephant off of its perch). Snoring in this neighborhood is a much-frowned-upon characteristic, and disgruntled zebras, pigs, penguins, cows, and other animals are just sick and tired of the loud and disruptive snoring of their elephant buddy – so they’ve decided to team up, and put a stop to it once and for all! But they really need your brain and mouse-clicking skills to solve the problem; in each level, you must first study the scene, and using good strategy, utilize the effects of gravity and the helpful animals available! Understanding each animal’s unique attributes and potential movements, you have to set off a chain reaction that results in the elephant being jolted awake! The animals cannot move by themselves, so must to guide them around the game screen, creating momentum, removing obstacles, and generating pathways toward the ultimate goal of startling this big sleepy elephant.

Good problem solving skills, logical thinking, strategic planning, great patience, and lots of trial and error is the key to success here. Each specific animal has a dynamic attribute (cows can roll, zebras can jump, owls can fall etc), and you have to carefully harness these traits in order to engineer a solution where the elephant is nudged off the ledge where he is happily deep asleep. Fast reactions and sharp mouse movements are important as you often have to click on two animals in quick succession. If you feel a little sleepy yourself, you might find that this brain teaser a bit difficult - so for best results, ensure your feeling wide awake, and ready to get your brain working hard on this fun problem solving puzzle!

How to Play: In each of the 24 progressively difficult levels, your must help the other animals wake up the snoring elephant by somehow prodding it from its balanced sleeping position on the edge of a platform. This action jolts the elephant awake, and you progress to the next level. The faster you wake the elephant, the more points you score.

Helpful animals are positioned around the game zone, and each responds to the click of your mouse. If you click on them in logical, tactful sequence, you should succeed in one of them knocking against the elephant. Owls fall straight down once clicked, while zebras jump straight up into the air. Penguins spin away from any contact, while pigs can be easily pushed in any direction by another animal. Giraffes can be easily knocked over to form useful bridges, while cows roll on your command. If you click on a cow, it begins rolling slowly. Click on it again to stop the rolling. Use a strategic mixture of these cool animals in order to create a chain reaction and sequence of events in each level. If you get stuck, click on the Circular Arrow button in the top right corner in order to restart the level. Enjoy this game with your family and friends. Good teamwork always helps a lot to solve problems!

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