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Free Online Thinking Game Puzzle - Wake Up The Box 3

Rating: 8.6/10 - 529 votes

Wake Up The Box 3 is an interesting and challenging physics-based puzzle game for kids and teens where you have to wake up a sleepy little box character by knocking him off a perch in each level. The cute little box-businessman has had a very late's night work, and now he keeps falling asleep in all sorts of wacky places. It’s your job to jolt him awake by prodding and pushing him using pieces of wood, and the force of gravity. You have to add new wooden structures to each level, and hope that they create a chain reaction that will startle the little guy. He’s a stubbornly heavy sleeper, so only a major shock to his system, like falling off a ledge, will wake him from his slumber.

If you feel tired and sleepy yourself – be warned! This is an extremely tricky puzzle that requires a lot of trial and error, thinking "outside the box", and the patience and tenacity of a lion! Your analytical problem solving skills will really come into play here as you have to figure out how to best create a structure that will knock the box-man over. Close concentration and strategy are important too - you must carefully choose the area to place each piece of timber.

The science of gravity must be used to good effect, with each added piece of wood contributing to a structure that might topple him, or create a bridge for another object to disturb his peaceful sleep. This is one brain-teasing activity that won’t have you yawning, and ready for bed. You might just be awake for hours trying to figure out a solution to wake this little box character. Good luck (p.s. shouting at him doesn’t work!) and have fun!

How to Play: Your goal in each level is to wake up the sleeping Box. To do this, you have to add structures to the game screen in the hope that they create a chain reaction that topples him over. The structures that you add are all made of wood, i.e. planks of timber, tree trunks etc. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click to add a piece of wood to the area. The catch is that a new piece of wood can only be attached to another piece of wood that is already on the game screen. You’ll see a red X mark on your piece of wood until you hover it over a valid position.

For example, the Box might be snoozing on a simple wooden ledge that has one edge teetering over the side. If you add another piece of wood to the edge of the ledge, gravity will topple that ledge over – thus waking up the sleepy Box. In later levels, you have multiple pieces of wood to use, and might have to create a bridge for a wheel to knock the little guy off a perch. The further you progress, the trickier it gets. You can see how many pieces of wood you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen. If you want to restart the level at any stage, click on the ‘Reset’ button in the top right corner. If you get stuck, try asking a grownup family member or an older child or friend to help you solve the problem level.

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