Very difficult puzzles, challenging mind games, hard brain teasers free online for kids, adults, senior citizens to play now, no download: Nodes game is a difficult logic puzzle for children on PC, Mac, iPad. Brain games, problem solving exercise activities for middle school age/ high school students.
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Very Challenging Puzzle Game - Nodes

Rating: 7.1/10 - 141 votes

Say “yes” to Nodes - a very challenging and innovative brain teaser puzzle game for older kids, teens, and grown-ups. Your goal in each level is to line up the laser-emitting ‘Nodes’ so that their beams run through every one of the randomly-positioned Blue circles. Drag, and stretch the Nodes all over the game screen in order to create a crisscrossing laser-beam pathway that intersects each one of the Blue circles. The catch is that you only have a set number of Nodes in each level, and that the Blue circles are often in awkward, non-linear locations.

This really tricky and refreshingly original head-scratcher of a puzzle should prove an ideal online activity for those who enjoy exercising their brain power on a good problem solving challenge. Strategic planning ability is vitally important; being able to coldly analyze the grid to see ‘the bigger picture’ is a key skill required here. Trial and error is definitely the path to success as you try out various different intersecting combinations, make minor changes in the angle of your Nodes, and carefully figure out the best way to overlap all of the circles with Red laser beams. Hopefully, you can criss-cross your way through all 20 levels! Enjoy the zigzagging laser beam action!

How to Play: There are two difficulty levels to choose from; Medium, and Hard. For beginner players, we recommend that you start with the Medium difficulty (the Hard difficulty lives up to its name!). In each increasingly difficult level, your goal is to turn each and every ‘Blue Circle’ into a ‘Red Circle’. To do this, you have to click and drag the laser-emitting nodes around the game screen using your computer mouse or touchpad. When a laser beam successfully intersects a Circle; that Circle’s color changes from Blue to Red. Once all of the circles have turned Red, a ‘Proceed’ button appears in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Click this button to progress to the next level.

There are 20 levels in total, and as you progress, the number of circles to be turned increases. This means that you have to come up with more complex laser beam zigzags to cover all of the circles as the game increases in difficulty. In later levels, there are ‘Fixed Nodes’ – i.e. Nodes that cannot be moved from their original position. There are no fancy power ups or upgradable capabilities, just progressively harder puzzles. Good luck!

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