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Fantasy RPG Battle Game - My Pet Protector 3

Rating: 9.1/10 - 2496 votes

Every young warrior apprentice needs a master. Every student of battle needs a tutor...Set in the medieval kingdom of Arkadia, My Pet Protector 3 is an epic fantasy battle adventure game where you have to train an inexperienced young hero into a fearless warrior leader of his suppressed people. You play the role of the Protector, and have to mold this young squire (a knight's errand boy) into the brave battle champion that he once was and is destined to become again. Set in a Middle Earth-style land where evil has reigned for decades, you’re immortal apprentice must learn everything there is to know about warfare, weaponry. hand-to-hand combat, sword fighting, battle tactics, and more. Armed with your valuable knowledge and training, you must guide this "would-be Conqueror" on his quest to return the Kingdom to its former happiness and glory.

Nothing is left to chance in this detail-packed journey of adventure set in the Middle Ages. You’re apprentice must slowly build up his strength and combat skills, work to earn virtual money in order to re-build his village, rest when he feels tired, and so much more. Think of your young hero as a kind of ‘pet project’; you get to aide his transformation from a timid teenager into an unstoppable icon of power. Strategic planning is your key to success in this challenging fantasy RPG game, as you need to choose suitable actions and training for your prodigy throughout. Are you ready to guide and watch your Apprentice become the Master? Good, let’s get to work!

How to Play: As the story goes, your young hero was in fact once an "immortal warrior", but he left the Kingdom of Arkadia because there was no further strife or war for him to protect his people against. However, now Evil has returned – and you must re-train this young squire to take back the Kingdom. Once you have chosen and customized your apprentice character, you are taken to the Village – the apprentice’s home which has been devastated by war, and you must help to rebuild it. Most of the controls follow a point-and-click method. Earn virtual money by clicking on the ‘Work’ Tab on the left hand side of the game screen. Use this virtual income to rebuild the shops and homes in the Village. The first thing that is rebuilt is the Academy where your prodigy will re-learn his trade. Here, by clicking on the ‘Train’ Tab, you can hone your Apprentice’s skills in battle.

Every so often, the young squire (your protagonist) claims that it’s all just “too stressful”. When this happens, click on the ‘Rest’ Tab to rejuvenate his strength. Once you’ve done enough working, upgrading and training, click on the ‘Map’ Tab. Click on the Explore button in the bottom left corner of the map, and using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, move your apprentice along these passageways to find new places that he can explore and rid of evil. Once he enters one of these new places via the Icons/Areas on the Map, he must be ready to encounter the Bad Guys that he has to do merciless battle against. You cannot control or affect these battles – you must watch from above, and see if your hero emerges victorious. If he does, you can continue exploring and finding things such as weapon upgrades and virtual income for future upgrades.

Keep exploring the Areas on the map, and your apprentice grows steadily stronger with each battle that he wins. If he loses a battle, you must return to the Village and train some more. Use virtual income earned to purchase better weapons and abilities in the ‘Shops’ Tab. These purchases can be equipped by clicking the ‘Stuff’ Tab, where you can select your Apprentice’s weapon, clothing, etc. Each major step (working, resting, training) takes 1 ‘week’ to complete. You have 312 ‘weeks’ / 6 ‘years’ to complete your task and for your Apprentice to fulfill his destiny. Good luck!

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