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Casual Obstacle Course Game - High Shoes

Rating: 7/10 - 1 votes

If you find normality a bit boring, then High Shoes might be the bizarre game for you. In High Shoes, you will play as one of 9 hindleg walking animals, with your goal being to circumvent obstacles such as wooden fences, lava pools and spinning wheels. You will achieve this by collecting bamboo shoots and strapping them to your feet to get taller and taller, allowing you to safely walk over and through these obstacles. High Shoes simply gameplay makes it an ideal game to keep the kids busy when you just need a moment of quiet.

How To Play: The goal of the game is to reach the treasure chest at the end of every level by using bamboo stilts to safely bypass obstacles that bar the way. Your character will move forward automatically; what you need to do is control when to move left or right. To do this, click/tap, hold and drag in the direction you want to move.

High Shoes is playable on both desktop and mobile browsers.

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