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Fun Science Game for Elementary Students - Moony Boom

Rating: 7.5/10 - 93 votes

Calling all young science game aficionados! Would you be interested in a challenging little physics-based puzzle? If so, Moony Boom is a highly interactive online science-based game for kids where you have to strategically add objects, create pathways, and build bridges to divert a falling moon toward an exit point at the bottom in each level. Morning time is fast approaching, and the friendly moon needs your expert help to assist it in leaving its night-time position perched high in the sky. You are the ‘game changer’, and must carefully position the objects (tools) provided on each level (for example, wooden beams, springs, wheels, or cones..) in strategic areas throughout the game environment in order to find a solution (to ensure that the moon falls and reaches its desired destination).

This quirky and innovative brain teaser should be a good fit with fans of online problem solving activities with a fun new twist, and with anyone who enjoys bringing their creative engineering skills to the virtual table! Each level presents a different challenge where you have to tactically and logically manipulate the game area using the various building and construction items (your tools). Trial and error plays a big part in this tricky online head-scratcher – because once you have chosen the best placement for each tool, there’s no going back (it cannot be repositioned)! A basic understanding of physics and gravity is very useful as you try to gauge in which direction the cute personified moon is going to travel. Let’s see what you can ‘add’ to this challenging puzzle! Happy problem solving!

How to Play: In each of the 25 increasingly challenging levels, your goal is to ensure that the moon falls through the ‘Exit’ hole marked with the Green Arrow. To do this, you have to position the objects provided in such a way as that when the moon eventually falls from the sky (this only happens when all objects have been placed), it is propelled by or ricochets off of these objects, and is channeled through the Exit hole at the bottom.

Your tools are indicated in pink at the start of each level, and are usually suspended in the air in the top left or top right corners of the game screen. To add an object to a level, simply Left Click on the (originally) pink object, hold the Mouse Click (the object is now revealed), and drag it to your desired destination. Left Click your mouse once more to snap the object into place. Once you perform the second click, the object cannot be moved from that position unless you Restart the level.

Once all of your objects have been added to the scene, the moon falls directly from the sky. If you have positioned your tools correctly, the moon is diverted toward the Exit hole, and you progress to the next level. However, if you are unsuccessful, click on the ‘Restart’ button in the top right corner of the game screen (alternatively you can press the R Key on your keyboard). In early levels, a helpful guide tells you exactly where to position your various wooden beams, bombs, wheels, and cones. However, as you progress later on in the game, you must work entirely based on your own intuition! Happy Moon Boom! (Moony Boom is inspired by Sunny Boom. Have you played the Sunny Boom game on our Learn4Good site? It is also a fun "Educational" game based on physics. See if you can find it by that clue.)

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