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Online Demolition Physics-based Game - Extreme Explosions

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Become a true demolition expert, and prepare yourself for a career in the civil engineering world of controlled explosions! Extreme Explosions is a challenging, physics-based destruction game where you have to carefully demolish structures of buildings using two forms of explosive - bombs and sticks of dynamite! Use the law of gravity to bring wooden and steel structures tumbling to the ground through utilizing your toolkit of carefully placed explosives.

This bombbastic engineering activity requires that you place your explosives efficiently and precisely in order to cause the maximum damage required. Use your creative engineering skills to ensure that the building structures collapse the way you planned, and that they fall below an indicated height. There’s plenty of potential trial and error required, so you’ll need the patience and determination of a truly skilled construction professional to succeed. BOOOM BOOOM! Happy demolition!

How to Play: (Note that the game file is large, and some load time and patience is needed for it to open on slower internet connections).

In each increasingly difficult level, your ultimate goal is to ensure that the rubble from the building that you demolish completely falls below a required height indicated by a dotted red line on the game screen. You only have a given amount of explosives to work with on each level. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, carefully position your explosives by Left Clicking on their icons (Bombs or TNT, located along the bottom of the game screen). Click anywhere within the beams or columns of the structure to place your firepower there. When the explosives are in place, click on the ‘BLOW’ button in the bottom right corner. The falling rubble should completely collapse below the indicated line.

After you blow up the structure, you must wait until the clock (at the bottom of the screen) runs out before a Rocket automatically flies across the game screen from right to left (This tests whether or not the rubble is below the required height). If this Rocket hits off any rubble above the dotted line, you fail the level and have to replay it. If the Rocket makes it freely across, you progress to the next level. Good luck!

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