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Fun Delivery Truck Driving Game - Garbage Truck

Rating: 8.1/10 - 3780 votes

Fancy yourself as a top-class trucker? Think you could handle a tricky, off-road track to carefully carry and deliver a heavy load? If so, then this is definitely the game for you! Garbage Truck is a fun online truck driving game where your goal is to beat the clock and deliver the garbage on time. It’s definitely not easy though, you'll need plenty of patience and delicate balancing skills. You only have one minute to make the trip and the track is bumpy and hilly!

Plus, your garbage is not secured, and you have to make sure it stays on the back of your truck by keeping the truck steady! You receive various loads, from TVs to crates, and you must deliver them to the dump as fast as possible. But be careful, because if you go to fast you might lose some of your cargo (this is not good). Luckily for you, your truck has a special Nitro booster that helps to propel it up those steep hills.

Collect virtual gold coins as you go along; these can be used to purchase better equipment in the Truck Shop at the end of each level. You have total control of the truck and can balance it to make sure it’s at the right angle to go up and down a slope. Try to avoid a hard landing when careering down a mountain, you might pop a tire, which means game over! Are you ready to become a Top Trucker? Let’s put the pedal to the metal!

How to Play: Use your computer keyboard to drive the truck. The main controls are your arrow keys: Up arrow = accelerate; Down arrow = reverse; Left and Right arrows = balance the truck. As you have to keep your load secured while driving, you must balance the truck as you go along so nothing falls off it. Use the left and right arrow keys to position the truck as you go up and down slopes.

Keep it horizontal as much as possible. Remember, you are up against the clock, which is ticking at the top of the game screen. You also have a map at the bottom of the game area which shows how far you have progressed on each track. If you think you’re running out of time and need a boost, hit the X key to activate your Nitro booster. This propels you up hills faster.

Tip: If you are stuck at the bottom of a hill, reverse back a little and take a longer run at it. You should get up the hill easier if you have a good run up.

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