Epic shooting adventure game online free to play now with no download: Bubble Tanks: Arenas game is one of the best shooting action games for kids (girls & boys)/ gifted teens to play, a fun bubble shoot ‘em up game for PC, iPad, tablet, Mac. Cool 1 player games, 2D flash arcade games online..
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Epic Shooting Adventure Game - Bubble Tanks: Arenas

Rating: 8.8/10 - 391 votes

Bubble Tanks: Arenas is a highly-stimulating and interactive shooting adventure game, and exciting sequel in the hugely-popular Bubble Tanks Series (the original Bubble Tanks games feature fluid gameplay where you get to control an upgradeable, missile-firing tank that floats around like a bubble). Here, instead of roaming through an expansive world of limitless ‘Bubblefields’ (battlefields), you have to take on a series of pre-set ‘Arena’ levels with a specific number of enemies and battlegrounds in each. You can attempt to complete all 25 in-game challenges as well as a number of custom-made Arenas designed by other gamers from around the world (Really talented and gifted players can even create their own Arenas and enemies in an awesome ‘Editor’ feature where you can really let your imagination run wild!)

This in-depth and innovative online shooting challenge requires a range of different attributes depending on the game mode that you choose to play. Fans of classic arcade-style shoot ‘em ups should enjoy the fast-paced action of the normal in-game Arenas Mode where you come up against all manner of slippery bubble enemies. Here, your quick reactions, good keyboard control and accurate firing are all-important. However, more technical-minded players may prefer to unleash their creative side as they enter the exciting area of game design in the ‘Create Arena / Create Enemy’ mode.

How to Play: (Note: This is quite a large game which carries a lot of data. As the game is loading, it may ask your permission to store more memory. Click ‘Allow’ to continue.) Once you click ‘Play’ on the main menu screen, and enter a ‘profile name’, you are transported directly into your first ‘Arena’, which acts as a tutorial. Use the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard to control the movement of your Bubble Tank. Aim your weapon using your computer mouse or touchpad, and Left Click to fire a missile. As you progress, you may equip a secondary weapon (used by pressing Spacebar).

Each Arena features a set number of circular ‘Bubblefields’ (mini battlefields that contain a random number of enemy Bubble Tanks). Unlike previous Bubble Tanks games, you have to follow a specific path from one Bubblefield to the next. Once you fly out through the right hand side of your current Bubblefield, your Tank is then automatically sucked into the next adjacent Bubblefield. An Arena is completed when all of the enemies from each Bubblefield are destroyed. When the initial Tutorial Arena is complete, you are brought to the Arena Select Screen. Here, you can choose to continue unlocking the 25 in-game Arenas (indicated by the BTA tab on the left hand side of the game screen). Alternatively, you can choose the ‘Server Levels’ tab, and play in custom-made Arenas designed by other gamers.

Each time you complete an Arena, you are awarded Bubble Points, and Gun Points. These can be used to upgrade and improve your own Bubble Tank as you progress. Click on the ‘Edit’ button in the top left corner of the game area in order to access the Tank Editor screen where you can add new cannons and bubbles to your existing Tank. Experienced and gifted players can try out the ‘Create Arena / Create Enemy’ Modes by clicking on the respective tabs on the left side of the Arena Select Screen. Here, you can specifically design your very own levels and enemies (recommended for the very best players). You can choose to save your creations online for others to marvel at, or simply save them to your own computer for your own enjoyment (your saved Arenas appear in the ‘My Arenas’ tab). Enjoy the bubble busting action!

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