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Shoot Em Up Airplane Battle Game - Notebook Wars 3

Rating: 8.3/10 - 509 votes

Notebook Wars 3 is a fun, fast, and frenetic vertical-scrolling shoot-em-up fighter plane game set on a quirky top-down background that looks like it’s been drawn by someone on his/her school notebook. However, don’t be immediately fooled by the seemingly tame sketch-like premise! This really is an all-action air force battle game where you need to be on tip-top piloting form to succeed! Dodge and weave your mouse-controlled plane through throngs of enemy aircraft that have only one thing on their mind! Can you survive the assault, and progress to defeat the massive boss aircraft at the end of each level?

This challenging and electric dogfight adventure combines deft mouse control with accurate shooting, good hand-eye coordination, and an ability to carefully survey the battlefield and make good tactical decisions. You face off against hundreds of enemy fighter jets – but that doesn’t mean you have to go completely ‘Top Gun’ and blast them all in a blaze of glory… Good strategic planning is required to ensure that you save sufficient health and energy for the battle with the Big Boss in each level. Enjoy!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse or touchpad cursor to control your aircraft’s movement. Your fighter plane mimics the movement of your cursor, making it easy to sweep around the game screen. In each increasingly difficult top-to-bottom scrolling level, your ultimate goal is to survive to the end, and then defeat the massive Boss aircraft. You first encounter dozens of smaller fighter jets before the Big Boss appears. Although you don’t necessarily have to eliminate these smaller planes, collecting the gold coins they leave behind is beneficial in the long run.

Left Click to fire your standard missiles (alternatively, press the F Key on your keyboard to activate ‘Auto Fire’ missiles). If you find yourself surrounded by enemy aircraft, press the E Key to launch a bomb attack. If you defeat the Boss aircraft, you progress to the next level. Keep an eye on your Armor Bar in the bottom left corner of the game screen. If this runs out, your aircraft explodes, and you must replay the level. In between each level, you can use gold coins collected to purchase aircraft upgrades in the ‘Hangar’ store. Tip: Leaving the ‘Auto Fire’ trigger on is a good idea as it gives you more time to move around the game zone, and avoid receiving unnecessary fire.

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