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Anti-Aircraft Artillery Game - Air Defense 3: Final Air Battle

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The great military tacticians of both yesteryear and modern day warfare all have the canny vision to see the ‘Big Picture’, and the courage and skill to carefully marshal a dangerous situation to their advantage. The question here is: Have "you" got that instinctive ability to strategically organize your troops and anti aircraft artillery to provide the best defensive lines possible? Air Defense 3: Final Air Battle is a classic tower defense-style military shooting game where you must defend your main tower against repeated waves of airborne enemy attacks. Using your computer mouse cursor as an aiming device for your automatically-firing turret cannons, you have to continuously upgrade your equipment as you progress in order to bolster your defenses against an ever-growing opposition force.

This action-packed exhibition of strategic anti-aircraft fighting is all about careful planning and good decision making (as well as accurate shooting!). You need to be adaptable to changing environments and situations in order to ensure that your defenses are well stocked, and strong enough to withstand the increased onslaught from the skies. Quick reactions are also important as you have to smartly respond to any weaknesses in your defensive line. It’s time to switch on your strategic brain General, and lead your forces to an epic victory!

How to Play: Note: The instructions in the main tutorial are written in grammatically-poor quality English but still provide a relatively clear basic understanding of the controls and objectives of the game. In each level (aka ‘wave’), you must successfully defend your main tower against a series of overhead air strikes from enemy aircraft. You begin the game with two turret cannons located at ground level. The cursor of your computer mouse / touchpad acts as your aiming device. Your turret gun units automatically fire at regular intervals – you simply have to aim the cannons in the direction of the oncoming enemy aircraft.

Enemy fighter jets and war planes rain missiles and bullets down on your Main Tower. The Health Bar for this tower is indicated in the bottom left corner of the game screen. If this Health Bar reaches zero at any stage, you fail the level, and must try again. For each aircraft that you destroy, you receive helpful virtual funds. At the end of each level, you have the opportunity to use these funds to purchase new turret units, defensive upgrades, and special abilities. You can also purchase upgrades during battle by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard in order to access the Upgrade Menu.

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