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Dragon Shooting Defense Game - Dragon Flame 2

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Play as a powerful, medieval, fire-breathing dragon, and defend your lair from thieves and barbarians! Dragon Flame 2 is a challenging, skill-based, shooting action game where you must eliminate wave after wave of enemy raiders who foolishly enter your dragon cave searching for loot, or trying to bring you down. You must fly around your large cavernous lair, and dispatch any fiendish foes with devastating blasts of flames and sparks! This addicting online arcade game requires good observation skills (as your enemies can be quite small and difficult to spot initially). Quick reactions and mouse-clicking skills are important as you try to get to grips with the various special moves available to your dragon hero. Prepare to provide a warm, fiery welcome to your sudden guests!

How to Play: Protect your cave from the waves of attacking raiders who enter; there are a total of 100 waves. The dragon automatically follows your mouse cursor around the game screen. Press and hold the CTRL Key on your computer keyboard to stop your dragon in its tracks, and release CTRL to begin flying again. Press the Shift Key to increase flying speed. Left Click on your mouse to fire a ‘sparkball’. Each time you defeat a wave of enemies, you can upgrade an aspect of your dragon’s abilities.

There are also some special moves your dragon can pull off if his ‘rage’ bar is activated at the bottom of the game screen.

- To shoot a large fireball, Click on your dragon’s head, and drag your mouse forward a straight line. Then, release the click.

- To shoot a burst of flames, click on your dragon’s head and hold down the button, and then quickly move your mouse from side to side as if you were scribbling on a piece of paper. Release the click to unleash the flames.

- To perform a ‘tail dive attack’, click and drag all the way along your dragon’s body from head to tail, and then release the click.

Keep an eye on your dragon’s health bar in the bottom left corner. Certain types of raiders fire missiles to try and harm the dragon. If your Health Bar runs empty, it’s game over.

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