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Online Flash Shooting & Strategy Game - Raze 2

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Raze 2 is an arena-based platform shooter game where you have to fight off alien forces. It involves running, jumping, aiming - shooting, avoiding enemy fire, traps and environmental hazards as well as picking up various weapons - while having tremendous fun along the way! This challenging and stimulating RPG Maze Game requires quick thinking and razor-sharp hand-eye coordination. It is perfect for anyone looking for some intelligent high-octane entertainment!

In this futuristic fight for the survival of planet earth, there are two story lines - the Human Campaign and the Alien Campaign. You are either fighting against Aliens, Robots, and Zombies or you are the enemy fighting for the destruction of planet earth! You decide. Either way, be prepared for some stunning acrobatics and non-stop explosive action!

Background: Aliens have invaded earth. They were initially defeated but whilst defeating the aliens, the Raze 2 task force picked up a zombie virus and had to be held in stasis, until a cure was found. Now, the aliens are back and it is up to you to destroy them, yet again. You are still infected with the virus and on high alert! You need to use your elite combat skills to defeat this relentless and fearsome alien force.

Game Specifics: With Raze 2, you get: 35 weapons to choose from, each with unique abilities - 4 hard-to-find secret modes to unlock - 30 Armors to unlock - 8 abilities to use in battle, from invisibility to Katanas - 3 areas for equipment (Defensive, Utility and Offensive) - 30 destroy bonuses to award you with, from Head shot to Slasher - 8 stadiums most with day and night modes and with different stuff to use on your opponents - 5 ways to destroy: Deathmatch, Elimination, Domination, Capture the Flag and Juggernaut with Team mode for each! (up to 4 team, with a 12 player max per game) - 5 Special modes for use - 10 achievements to unlock. 4 of those unlock special modes - Max of 12 players including you wreaking havoc in a stadium.

How To Play: Use the following keys on you computer keyboard to move: WASD/ARROW keys, SPACEBAR to jump. Use you computer mouse to aim and left click to shoot. Use Q/E or SHIFT/ENTER to choose your next/previous weapon. You can also select specific weapons with the NUMBER Keys on your computer keyboard. To Pause the game, press "P" or "ESCAPE". Press "F/CTRL" to use your ability. You can see your credit earned at the bottom of the game screen and your game time at the top of the game screen. You can also see your available ammunition, health Bar (pink) and range of available weapons at the bottom of the game screen. Once your health drops to zero, you are eliminated. You then respawn in 3 seconds. You can also see your health bar (a small version) on top of your character in the game screen.

Tips: Each weapon has different functionality, so choose wisely from the options menu. For example, if you choose a Magnum, you need to aim for the head - you get a critical hit for a headshot with this gun. With the Vamp Charger, make sure your target is within range before you shoot, so that you are able to recover some of your lost health. The M9 Barret gives you a critical hit if you hit your opponent (accurately) in the crotch.

Whatever weapon you choose, make sure you are comfortable using it. If you only have the option of ‘Rapid fire’, you would be better off with a weapon (that is not too explosive) like the "Holy Grail" or the "50-cal Sniper Rifle". Also try the "Invincibility" - this will give you a few seconds of unlimited invincibility and ammunition. Another option is the "2X damage" which is good for destroying many enemies at once.

If you want to get rid of your opponents faster, you might want to try the "Holy Grail", instead of the rifle, for example. If you get into trouble and can’t beat your opponent, try using the "Static Shield" as your ability. This way, when an alien approaches you with a hard-hitting weapon (like a rocket launcher) he will hit himself if he comes too close to you. When you are taking down an opponent’s shield, you can hit him anywhere (head, crotch, lower-back). All that matters is that you get a hit, so that he is eliminated faster.

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