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Space Shooting Game for Kids - Aliens Trench

Rating: 8/10 - 1925 votes

Aliens Trench is an alien shooting game for kids & teens where you have to protect yourself and your spaceship from attacking aliens by blasting them to out of the field. You are trapped on an unknown and hostile planet and your only hope of survival is to terminate as many of these ugly critters as possible, before they destroy your space shuttle! This challenging game requires expert aiming and shooting skills, a love of weaponry and a dislike for bright green aliens! It’s endless hours of lighthearted fun. Good luck Commander!

Background: The Government Space Department launched a project to explore new planets. Your ship successfully took off but then something went drastically wrong and you lost contact with earth. You were on your own, drifting in deep dark space until eventually you landed on an unknown planet, inhabited by fearsome and hostile green aliens. Now, you have to eliminate these nasty creatures (by any means necessary) if you want to survive. They are coming at you (in force) and are trying to destroy both you and your ship. These horrendous scavengers show no mercy – they mean business! You need to take them out - one by one and try and save your ship from utter destruction! It is your only chance of escape back to Mother Earth.

How To Play: Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to move: (W) Up, (A) Left, (S) Down, (D) Right. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys: (UP), (DOWN), (LEFT), (RIGHT). Press (Q) to change weapon and (R) to Reload. Press SPACEBAR to fire grenades (Also, sneakily place grenades directly on the aliens – they don’t notice until it’s too late!). Use your computer mouse to aim and Left Click on it to fire.

Every time you destroy an alien, you build up “Experience”. You can then use this virtual credit to repair your ship or upgrade your weaponry and stylishly blow these aliens apart! Once your ship’s health, your own health or the game time runs out, it’s game up! You can see your health - your ship’s health - the game time - the number of grenades you have - the amount of experience you have earned – and the type of weapon you are using at the bottom of the game screen. In the top left corner, there’s a map showing your position and the position of the next alien attackers. Use that map to see them coming at you and your spaceship. It is much easier to use the map to determine which aliens to eliminate first and which ones are the biggest immediate hazard. You see the number of aliens you currently need to wipe out in the small screen in the top center area. OK, ready for some outer-space action and alien blasting?

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