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Tank Shooting Game Online - Tankie

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Tankie is a refreshingly-simple and addicting 2D shooting game for kids where you have to destroy as many floating mine-like circular discs as possible before they wear down your tank’s defensive shield. Set on a minimal-style gray playing area, you have to carefully avoid the dangerous discs, get into an optimum attack position, and blast the bothersome little oscillating things into smithereens! Don’t be fooled by Tankie’s cute and rather innocent name; Tankie is a powerful missile firing machine with an unlimited arsenal and a supremely-accurate targeting system.

Shooting and battle-field games are often over-complicated with detailed missions, boring hard-to-follow tutorials, and more buttons and controls than a spaceship’s dashboard! However, Tankie is a delightfully easy-to-play shoot ‘em up activity where you get the opportunity to really show off your nimble keyboard tapping ability and masterful mouse-clicking skill. Sharp reaction speed, good concentration and prediction skills, and a keen eye for rapidly approaching enemy discs are all important attributes required. The modest 2D graphics and fluid gameplay combine to make for a thoroughly enjoyable arcade game experience. Ok Tank Commander, it’s time to show us what you can do behind the controls of this steel beast! Enjoy the action!

How to Play: Prepare for immediate action and reaction as the gameplay begins immediately on loading. Your objective is to simply destroy as many of the moving gray Discs as possible using your tank’s powerful missiles. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your tank’s movements, and use your computer mouse or touchpad to operate the missile gun. Aim using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to fire. A red cross-hair target marker acts as your aiming guide. Try to place this target marker centrally over an enemy Disc, and quickly click to blast it into oblivion. One successful hit destroys a Disc, and each time you eliminate a Disc, one point is added to your score in the top right corner of the game screen.

The Discs enter the shooting area through both the top and bottom of the game screen. Their movement is entirely random, so try to eliminate them before they impact with your tank. Each time your tank collides with a Disc, your ‘Shields’ bar (your overall Shield) in the top left corner of the game screen decreases slightly. Once the Shield bar is empty, it’s game over, and you receive your final score. Attempt to better your score each time you play.

Note: It is possible to maneuver your tank outside the visible areas of the game screen for a couple of seconds. However, your tank is then reappear on the opposite side of where you exited the game screen. For example, if you drive your tank out of the bottom of the game screen, it reappears at the top. This can be a dangerous maneuver as you risk reappearing straight into the path of an oncoming Disc. Happy dodging and weaving as you pick off the foe!

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