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Online Helicopter Game for Kids - Skylocopter 2

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Practice your piloting skills with Skylocopter 2, a simple and straight-forward helicopter flying game where you have to dodge and weave around a cute cartoon landscape in a powerful, yet fragile helicopter. You play the role of the pilot, and have to carefully maneuver your chopper around dangerous cliff faces, while avoiding bombs and other obstacles in your quest to collect a Golden Nugget in each level. If you want to step into the pilot’s hotseat, you really need a steady hand with deft touches, a cool head in tight situations, and the skill to make spectacular flying moves required to get through some of the narrow passageways and tricky airborne challenges you encounter in this fast-paced flying simulation activity. Have you got the ability and determination to succeed, or will your hopes come crashing down? Strap on your helmet Captain, and let's get those propellers working!

How to Play: Your goal in each level is to collect a Golden Nugget that is hidden in a wooden Crate somewhere around the cartoon landscape. To unlock the wooden Crate, you have to collect a Gold Key that is also situated in a tricky-to-reach location within each level. Once you collect the Gold Key by simply flying into it, the Golden Nugget falls out of the Crate, and you simply have to make contact with it with any part of the helicopter in order to progress to the next challenge. Sounds simple enough perhaps! However, you have to contend with moving bombs, narrow passages, jutting cliff faces, and more.

Control your chopper using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Your helicopter reacts to the law of gravity, so if you don’t keep it airborne using the Up Arrow, it automatically descends toward the ground. Avoid hitting off any of the Floating Bombs, as the resulting explosion weakens your helicopter’s health. Hit Spacebar to drop your own bombs from the under-side of your helicopter. This is a useful aid to help clear a path for yourself by eliminating other bombs and obstacles in the air. If your white Health Meter in the top right corner of the game screen reaches zero, you have to begin the level again. Likewise, if you run out of Fuel, your chopper simply crashes, and you have to restart the challenge. Keep one eye on your Fuel Meter in the top right corner, and try to collect the Golden Nugget before your Fuel runs out. Good luck up there!

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