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Sniper Rifle Game Online - Sniper Sim 3D

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Sniper Sim 3D is a pinpoint accuracy-based, first-person shooter-style game where you have to hit a series of metal targets against the clock in each level. Set in a dimly-lit outdoor street environment, you play the role of the trainee sniper, and have to quickly and methodically eliminate your targets with precision. Finding & hitting all targets is no mean feat – some of the targets can be literally hundreds of feet away! Achieving the accuracy needed to be a virtual sniping success is all about high concentration, a very steady hand, and confident mouse movement. Good observation skills are important here as your targets may be partially concealed in doorways and on building roofs etc. Have you got the mental and technical skills to prove yourself as a sniper extraordinaire?

How to Play: (Note – Unity Web Player must be installed on your browser in order for this game to work properly. The speed of the game will depend on your computer, and the strength of your internet connection).

In each of the 14 levels (bar Level 8), your goal is to eliminate all of the metal targets dotted around the game screen before the timer runs out. Some targets are shaped like mannequins, while others are classic red and white bulls-eye type targets. The timer is located in the top right corner of the game screen (In all normal levels, you have 90 seconds to eliminate all targets. In Level 14, you have 180 seconds). The number of targets that you must hit is displayed in the top left corner.

Aim using your computer mouse cursor (The rifle gun perfectly mimics the movement of your cursor). Right Click to zoom in, and Left Click to fire; You have an unlimited amount of bullets at your disposal. Once you have eliminated all of your targets, you progress to the next level. The more bulls-eyes you hit, the more points you score. Note: Level 8 is a points-based round. There is no clock, so you have to score as high as possible through particularly accurate shots.

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