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Fun Cab Driver RPG Game - Sim Taxi

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Are you ready to go out there and start earning a living right now? If so, then let's introduce you to one of the oldest and noblest professions in the service industry; Taxi driving. However, this job is no walk in the park as you’re about to find out! Sim Taxi is a fun online driving simulation game where you have the unique opportunity to experience the challenging environment and play the role of a yellow cab driver in a Big City such as NYC. Your job is to pick up pedestrians as passengers, and to bring them safely and happily to their desired destinations quickly in order to earn the highest fare possible. Contracted to a busy taxi company, you can choose to wait for fares to come in through the operator, or to diligently cruise the streets looking for new customers in need of a ride.

With real-life, multitasking challenges such as avoiding mid-street traffic collisions, keeping your car fueled-up, and changing the radio station in response your customers' requests, this is an authentic and stimulating skill-based activity to keep your mind on the wheel at all times. Good keyboard control and shrewd observation skills are undoubtedly important, as is your sense of direction. Cab drivers are respected for their insider knowledge of their city areas, and your demanding customers expect a high level of professionalism in your driving. So, it’s time to put down your coffee, and buckle up and get the job done. Drive safely, and good luck with your new virtual money earning venture!

How to Play: There are three distinct game modes to choose from: New Game (standard), Practice Mode, and Time Attack. By clicking ‘New Game’ on the main menu screen, you enter a standard game where your goal is to earn virtual income by collecting and dropping off passengers. In Practice Mode, you simply get the chance to practice your driving, while Time Attack mode features timed missions where you have a set time limit for each fare. In each of the game modes, the controls for driving remain the same: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake & Reverse; Left & Right Arrows = Steer. The gameplay features a helpful ‘overhead’ view, so you should always have a good sense of where you are going.

In New Game mode, you have to drive around the city, picking up passengers to your own accord, or by being directed via your taxi company. As you drive past pedestrians, a green circle forms around them if they suddenly need a taxi. Carefully park your taxi next to the sidewalk in order to allow the pedestrian to get into your cab. The new customer now tells you where to go, and the direction to this destination is indicated by the compass in the top left corner of the game screen. Follow this compass until you reach the customer’s desired destination (indicated by a circle of green arrows). Simply stop the car near these green arrows in order to let your customer out, and to collect the fare. The faster you complete the journey, the more virtual earnings you receive from the customer.

Keep an eye on your Fuel Level in the bottom left corner of the game area. If this is close to empty, visit a gas station in order to fill up the tank. If you collide with other vehicles, your Damage Bar decreases (this Bar is shaped like a wrench, and is indicated in the bottom right corner of the play zone). If your Damage Bar turns completely red, your taxi spectacularly explodes (not good!). Try not to collide with any police cars as this results in a hefty $100 penalty. Sometimes, your customer complains about the radio station in your cab. You can change the station by pressing the 1, 2, and 3 Number Keys on your keyboard. If you want to upgrade your taxi, drive back to the taxicab stand (also called a taxi rank), and press Spacebar when in your designated spot in order to access the upgrade store. Enjoy your new important role in the community!

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