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Fun Truck Driving Game - Rhisky Whisky

Rating: 8.2/10 - 4353 votes

In Rhisky Whisky, you play the role of a whiskey smuggling truck driver in the old days, and your dubious job is to deliver contraband liquor when a “Dry Law” is in force. Your mission is to deliver the stolen goods to a Mafiosi dealer who runs a "Drug Store". All you have is a box with 6 expensive whiskey bottles in it, an old, but still powerful pickup truck, limited time to deliver, and a windy, rocky road ahead of you. Hurry up, but be careful not to break all of the bottles of whiskey. If all of the bottles are broken or if you don't manage to deliver the goods on time before you reach the destination, you have to start again from the beginning.

How to Play: If you are going too fast – the box may fall out of your truck and some whiskey bottles may be broken. To get your box back in the truck – just go back to the box and stop at it for a couple of seconds. It will be loaded back automatically. You have three routes to choose from: One of them goes through the city, another through the mountains, and the third one is mostly flat - the easiest route. Collect time bonuses on your way to stop the timer running for a few seconds. You will see the bottles currently in the truck (broken and good) on the left side of the game screen. Don’t miss the Drug Store sign, and deliver the box right into the warehouse to get the box unloaded.

Computer Keyboard Game Controls:

  • Accelerate with the 'Up' arrow key.
  • Brakes/reverse using the 'Down' arrow key.
  • Steer left using the 'Left' arrow key.
  • Steer right using the 'Right' arrow key.
  • Press the Spacebar key on your keyboard to reposition the truck (in case you roll over).

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