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Free Swinging Skill Game for Teens - Hanger

Rating: 9.1/10 - 14143 votes

It’s time to swing into action, just like a stunning acrobatic superhero! Hanger is an addicting skill game for teens and grown-ups (but not for the squeamish) where you have to skillfully swing through each level on adjustable ropes (similar in motion to Spiderman or Tarzan!) Keep swinging from rope-to-rope to gain momentum through each side-scrolling level. Avoid crashing off the walls and ledges of each obstacle course as this causes your stick-man to smash and lose some of his body parts (with some heavy blood loss simulation to stress that this is not good). Try to keep your ragdoll-style swinging character as intact as you can until you reach the finishing line.

Very good timing skills and hand-eye coordination are the keys to success, as you have to carefully choose the correct moment to swing from one rope to the next. Carefully swinging through gaps, and over obstacles, becomes increasingly tricky as you progress. You have to master the physics and movement of your adjustable ropes as quickly as possible, otherwise you could lose control and smash off the rock wall – ouch! The action simply follows the law of gravity, so try your best to keep your Swinging Stickman in the air until you reach the end of each level. The retro-style gameplay should be ideal for fans of classic skill games. Get ready for a true test of your quick reactions as you try to swing your way into the record books. Good luck!

How to Play: In each of the 23 side-scrolling levels, your goal is to get your Swinging Stickman to the finishing line while keeping as many of his body parts intact as possible. You swing through the level using adjustable swinging ropes that are attached to the top of the game screen. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to swing your Stickman from left to right. Press the Up and Down Arrows to make the rope longer and shorter. When you are ready to fly through the air, hit Spacebar to let go of the rope, and then quickly hit Spacebar again to attach a new rope to the ceiling.

Avoid hitting off any of the rock walls and ledges. If you hit off any object with force, some of your Stickman’s body parts break off. Your character can survive even if he just has a head and an arm left, but any more crashes after that – and it’s game over! If your Stickman falls all the way down out of the bottom of the game screen, you also have to start the level again. If you reach the Finish Line with at least two body parts remaining, you progress to the next level. Score extra bonus points for using as few ropes as you can, and for reaching the end without suffering any damage.

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