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Fun Online Physics-based Game for Kids - Jelly Cannon

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Jelly Cannon is a fun physics-based shooting game for kids where you have to fire circular blue blobs from your cannon to make yellow jellies touch each other and merge into one big, happy Jelly. There are a number of separate little yellow jellies (circular blobs with eyes) in each level, and you have to fire smart shots from your cannon to move the jellies closer together in order to unite them. This funny online game has lots of quirky obstacles and challenges to overcome. You have to cleverly position objects to deflect jellies toward each other, create pathways, flip switches, and more. Score points for connecting the jellies together in the fewest shots possible.

A little understanding of the laws of physics and gravity is helpful here. You must choose the right angle to fire your cannon shots, and use force and gravity to unite the yellow jellies together. You’ll also need to utilize your creative engineering abilities as there are bridges and pathways that need to be constructed in later levels. This colorful cannon-firing activity will also test your quick reactions, as there are some levels where you have to launch blobs at high speed. Ok Jelly Joiner, it’s time to have a blast!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to control your cannon. Move your mouse around the game screen to aim, and Left Click to fire Blue Blobs. Your goal is to nudge the Yellow Jellies into each other to form one Big Jelly. Once two Jellies touch off each other, they make a squishing sound and blend together to form a bigger Jelly. In each of the 50 increasingly difficult levels, there are at least two Jellies that have to be united before you can progress. You have to knock them off ledges, squeeze them through gaps, create pathways, and position objects to deflect them towards each other.

In later levels, you have to complete more complex tasks and challenges, like using the momentum of a Jelly at the end of a swinging pendulum. There are mini-mazes that you have to navigate the Jellies through. They are soft, so they can be squished through small gaps and easily knocked off ledges. There are glass platforms that can be broken to allow the Jellies to fall toward each other. Sometimes, there is no bottom to the level, and the Jellies can fall out of game screen area. If this happens, you must replay the level from the start. If you get stuck on any level, click ‘Restart’ in the top right corner of the game screen, or hit the R key. Once all of the little yellow guys are merged, you progress to the next level. You have an unlimited amount of Blue Blobs to fire at the Jellies, but you lose a point every time you fire one. You start with 100 points and lose a point every time you fire – all the way down to 10.

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