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Popping Balloons Game Online - Even More Bloons

Rating: 8.6/10 - 559 votes

Just when you thought all the Bloons were burst, here comes Even More Bloons! This is the third dart-throwing, balloon popping game from the extremely popular “Bloons” series for kids, and its even more challenging than the previous two games. As with the other Bloon puzzles, you get to play the role of the Bloon bursting monkey, as he gets to aim, shoot and fire at as many Bloons as he can.

New and exciting types of Bloons are introduced, and you need good hand-eye coordination and quick-thinking skills to work out how to burst all of them: Ricochet off obstacles, drop maces (spiky ball) and pins, and get bursting. Good luck Balloon Popper!

How to Play: Use you computer mouse to click on the “New Game” icon at the top of your game screen, then select “Level 1”. A target number of Bloons is displayed at the bottom of the playing area. You need to pop this number of Bloons in order to pass the level. A number is displayed beside a little image of a dart in the bottom left corner of the screen; this is the maximum number of darts you get to throw in this level. Use your computer mouse to aim your dart gun, and Left Click to fire. Hold down the left mouse button to increase the power of your throw, then release it to fire.

The rainbow-colored Bloons in jars contain helium, so you have to crack the jars (with your dart) before bursting the Bloons. If there is no ceiling, the helium Bloons will escape up and out of the playing area so shoot those as quickly as possible. As with all Bloons games, you never run out of lives, but you can run out of darts. If you do, you can automatically replay the level. Bloons in advanced levels contain spikes, maces and pins; Burst them wisely to help you through the level. So go on, and have a Blast!

Tip: If you want to practice your aiming skills, you can play the game with unlimited darts (although this can take some of the excitement away). Simply click on the “Unlimited Darts” icon in the bottom right corner of the game screen when you are in the Level Selection screen.

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