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Very Good Reaction Game Online - Orbular

Rating: 7.7/10 - 59 votes

Play a truly epic and very challenging ball & paddle / breakout game with a twist! Orbular is an enjoyably tricky and highly-stimulating coordination speed and finger dexterity skills-based arcade game for all ages - inspired by classic block busting games such as Atari Breakout and Arkanoid. However, instead of an old-school flat ‘pong-style’ paddle, here you use a circular, orb-shaped defensive pad to send the disruptor ball flying into opposing ‘bricks’ (stationary balls) to loosen them!

Reasons to play this awesome, high-speed, reactions-based skill game: If you enjoy retro ball and paddle games, this very cool interactive activity should be right up your street. Each level provides a fresh challenge including the introduction of Power-ups that could have a positive or negative effect on your advancement. The circular pad makes control of your pinging ball more difficult, and also, instead of bricks, you must dislodge other balls from the main grid. The Breakout theme has just got a lot more innovative!

Best strategy to win: Excellent hand-eye coordination and concentration levels, fast reflexes, reaction speed and arrow key skills, and smart anticipation skills are absolutely essential here as you try to move your orb-shaped paddle quickly back and forth across the game screen, trying to create positive momentum with the ball. Good strategy is also required as you decide which Power-up balls to try to collect.

How to Play: A Flash-based, breakout arcade game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each progressively-difficult level, your goal is to dislodge all of the balls in the game grid while keeping your main (larger) disruptor ball from falling past your paddle at the bottom of the play zone. Once all of the grid balls have been successfully dislodged from their positions by your main ball, you progress to the next level.

There are 4 different difficulty levels – Normal, Hard, Endurance, and Mouse:

  • Normal: You begin the game with 5 lives (balls), and are awarded an extra life for every 500 points earned.
  • Hard: You begin the game with 5 lives (balls) but cannot earn any more.
  • Endurance: You play this high-pressure game of survival with just one life
  • Mouse: Control the pad with your mouse rather than your keyboard. You begin the game with 5 lives (balls), and are awarded an extra life for every 1000 points earned.

In Normal, Hard and Endurance Modes, you control the circular paddle with the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard. Left & Right Arrows / A & D to move left and right, and Up Arrow / W to nudge the pad upward. You can use this upward motion to increase the speed / momentum of your main disruptor ball. In Mouse mode, your paddle mimics the movement of your mouse cursor. Left Click to initiate the pad's slight upward movement.

Each time the main ball makes it past your paddle through the bottom of the game screen, you lose one life (as indicated by the ball icons in the top right corner of the play area. Once all of your lives are lost, it's curtains, and you must Re-start from the beginning. Enjoy the high-speed, hectic action!

If this Flash-based game no longer works on IE11 or Chrome browser on your PC / MAC, try playing Firefox browser with Adobe Flash player installed.

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  • If the game DOES not FIT the screen (part of the game area is below above the browser) - see the GO FULL SCREEN button just at the right above the game. This should solve it.
  • Make sure that Javascript is Enabled in your device browser.
  • You may only see a blank screen / or no game screen at all if advertisements are in any way restricted on your browser.
  • Make sure that No Ad Blocker is enabled on your browser (Many game developers only income source is through ads, so they don't make the games available if ads are blocked).
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