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Fun Survival Skill Game Online - Play Birdy

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Fancy becoming boss of the skies? Birdy is a reactions-based flying skill game and survival challenge where you must dominate the skies by gobbling up birds that are smaller than you, and transform your eagle from a tiny hatchling into a majestic, massive monster! Guide Birdy, a blue and yellow eagle, around a confined game environment, chomping on smaller birds while simultaneously avoiding being eaten by larger ones! Your ultimate goal is to make your ‘birdy’ the biggest, undisputed boss of the sky!

Skills required: Similar in concept to the classic Fishy flash game, this fast-paced, high-intensity action game requires an ideal combination of swift reflexes, tactful keyboard control, keen observation and sharp anticipation skills and timing. Good decision-making also comes into play – as some birds may be or appear exactly the same size as your eagle (or even minutely bigger), and you have to decide very quickly whether to take them on or not! Patience, determination and stamina are key to slowly growing your bird into a huge flying vertebrate!

How to Play: A Flash-based, skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). This is a 1-level survival adventure challenge where your task is to become the biggest bird in the sky by eating birds that are smaller than you. Each time you eat a smaller bird, your own bird grows ever so slightly. The catch is that your eagle can also be eaten by bigger birds.

Control your blue and yellow feathered friend's movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Catch smaller birds by making front-on contact with them. Avoid larger birds, planes and cats! You can also fly through the sidewalls of the game screen; if you fly through the right hand side, you reappear on the left, and vice versa. If you get knocked out of the sky by a larger bird or airplane, you lose one life. You begin each attempt with 3 lives. When all your lives are used, you must resume from the very beginning.

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