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Play Snaky - Worm Eating Arcade Game

Rating: 6.9/10 - 40 votes

Based on the classic Snake arcade video game that originated in the 1970s and became a cell phone phenomenon in the late 1990s, Snaky is a fun, addicting, and fast-paced, reaction skills-based arcade game where you control a peckish 2D reptile that slinks around a rectangular game grid in search of yummy worms to eat! This simple idea yet very tricky dexterity challenge centers around your hand / eye coordination, dexterity and reflexes.

The catch is that Snaky (you) cannot touch the outer walls of the grid, and must also not come into contact with your own tail – This becomes increasingly difficult as your snake grows in length with each healthy, wormy meal! So some good strategy is required as you figure out the best way to position Snaky for feeding once its tail becomes particularly long. Have you got the nimble skills to score big, and sssssslither your way into the record books?

How to Play: There are three distinct difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The higher the difficulty, the faster your snake moves. Your goal is to survive for as long as possible, and to score as many points as you can by gobbling up worms that appear randomly around the game grid. Each worm is worth 1 point toward your score (indicated to the right of the play zone), and you only go for one worm at a time. When that worm is gobbled, a fresh worm appears elsewhere on the grids.

Use the four Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your snake’s movements. To move in the opposite direction, you must first change direction at a right angle twice in succession. Each time your snake eats a worm, it grows by one unit in length. It’s game over if A) your snake crashes off of the outer wall, or B) if it comes into contact with its own tail. Press Spacebar to pause for a break. Happy worm munching!

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