World Cup soccer football games free online/ penalty shootout game to play now without download: Penalty Fever Plus game is a tough yet fun online soccer game for kids (boys/ girls) on PC, Mac, iPad, tablet. Cool new flash sports games for children/ teens, best American football game online..
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Soccer Penalty Shootout Game - Penalty Fever Plus

Rating: 8.6/10 - 2801 votes

The whistle sounds… the crowd cannot bear to look… you stand twelve yards from goal with just the keeper to beat… it’s all come down to you, and you…..! Undoubtedly the most dramatic way to finish a soccer match, the infamous penalty shoot-out is pure sporting theater. Penalty Fever Plus is a very challenging soccer-based skill game where every match is decided by a penalty shoot-out competition. Each team has 5 kicks at goal, and the team who scores the most penalties is declared the winner. You control both the penalty-takers and the goalkeeper of your chosen side, so glory and defeat are literally within your hands! Can you take the immense pressure?

This surprisingly tricky mouse-clicking sports game is not only a test of your fast reactions and reflexes, but also of your decision making skills under pressure. For the penalty takers, you have to decide which corner to aim for, and whether to try and fool the opposition keeper. When you control the goalkeeper, you have just a split second to decide which way to dive for the ball. Decisions, decisions! For die-hard football fans, it’s hard to even watch the nail-biting action of the dreaded shoot-out, never mind take part in it! Only players with nerves of steel prevail in this metaphorical cauldron of pressure… the question is; are you one of those ice cool customers?

How to Play: Before you start the goal-kicking action, you have to select your soccer team. There are 10 different competitions to choose from, and over 300 different teams. You can choose to play as a country in the World Cup, or as a club team in famous competitions such as the European Cup or the English Cup. All of the legendary teams of club and international football are available for selection (Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Juventus...). Once you have chosen your favorite team, the computer randomly generates an opponent in a straight knockout competition with 32 teams.

In each match, your team takes the first penalty, and the teams alternate between kicks. In the initial shoot-out, both teams have 5 kicks at goal, and the team which scores the most penalties is declared the winner. However, if both teams are level after 5 kicks each, the shoot-out continues in ‘sudden death’ until there is a winner. The shoot-out can end early if one team is out of sight – for example; if one team is winning 3-1 with only one penalty remaining – the game is over.

When shooting, a small Green Arrow sweeps quickly across the game screen in front of the goal. In the motion of striking the ball, you can choose to make two ‘clicks’. The first click stops the Green Arrow, and makes your player move toward the ball. If you do not make a second click, the ball will go in the direction where the original Green Arrow has stopped. However, if you make a second click, the ball goes in the direction of a SECOND Green Arrow that appears after the first click is made. This ‘second click’ option gives you the opportunity to fool the opposition goalkeeper. Both actions happen within a split second of each other, so it may take a few shots to get used to the double click trick. When playing as the goalkeeper, a flashing red circle briefly appears just before the opposition player takes his shot. Simply click your mouse in the direction of this red circle to make your goalkeeper dive or move in this direction. It's winner takes all - Good luck!

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