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Free Online Snowboard Game Online

Rating: 8.3/10 - 1035 votes

Snowboarder XS (Extreme SnowBoard) is a simple concept but is not an easy game to master (this game requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play). Drawn in 3D, Snowboarder XS offers a very realistic experience for hours on end if you have the stamina! You begin with the choice of hitting snow dunes and mountains in the Alps or in Alaska. Snowboarding is much harder to master than skiing, and mistakes are not so easily forgiven. You have to plan your moves well ahead, as tight turns are almost impossible.

Collect stars along your way for points, and perform as many tricks as you can in as fast a time as possible. Stars are mainly located where there is a trampoline or steep descent with the purpose of helping you to make a stunt right after collecting a star. There are large trees along the track so watch out for them as you certainly do not want to a hug to a big trunk, right? And last but not the least – stay on the snowboard. Riding on your belly or your bum is fun but not on this slope. Tear it Up Dude!

How to Play: Once you have selected the track to go to, press the UP arrow key on your computer keyboard to start going down hill, use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to maneuver and for direction control. Now your cruisin’! When you are in the air – perform a trick by pressing the X letter key. For more difficult stunts – press the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys in combination with the X key. Follow the track and watch for the marked arrows that indicate the direction of the upcoming turn.

Note: If the game does not load for you on opening this page, try installing the newest Adobe Shockwave Player and any required addons.

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