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Spot the Difference Picture Puzzle Game - Pet Lion Story

Rating: 8.2/10 - 68 votes

Test your eyesight and concentration levels. Pet Lion Story is an easy-to-play, fun, spot-the-differences visual puzzle game for younger kids and all children who like to exercise their observation skills. Here, you have to find and eliminate 5 miniscule differences in 8 mirrored picture puzzles that tell the cute story of a family who amazingly have adopted a huge hungry lion as their pet!

Don’t worry – this well-mannered king of the jungle is as friendly as can be, so you simply have to show off your super sleuthing skills in order to progress! But you really need to concentrate hard in order to find some of the tiny distinctions (It could be something as small as the positioning of a button on a person’s shirt). There’s no time limit – so you can be completely thorough in your hunt before you reach for the hint button. OK, it’s time to spot some differences!

How to Play: In each of the 8 picture puzzles, you have to find and eliminate (click on) the 5 small differences between the top and bottom pictures. Using your focus, concentration and computer mouse or touchpad, carefully review and compare the images - area by area. If you spot a difference, Left Click on it to remove the difference from the game screen. Once you have found and highlighted all 5 differences, you progress to the next level.

Each time you successfully eliminate a difference, you score 5 points toward your overall total. However, if you make a mistake and click on an area that does NOT contain a difference, you are deducted 5 points. If you are stuck, click on the ‘Shake’ or ‘Reveal’ buttons in the bottom right corner of the play area. The ‘Shake’ button causes the area of a difference to shimmer and shake for a few seconds, so keep your eyes peeled. The ‘Reveal’ button displays a prominent green square over a difference – so you can’t miss it!

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