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Top Stickman Kung-fu Fighting Game - Fight Man

Rating: 7.4/10 - 9733 votes

One of the best kung fu Stickman fighting games ever: Get ready for an exciting and epic martial arts Battle Royale in the surprising surroundings of an everyday office desk space!

Fight Man is an awesomely-addicting and unpredictably-brilliant Stickman fighting game set in one of the unlikeliest of arenas – on the desk in front of a boring old PC! You have to punch, kick, swivel, and karate chop your way through hordes of purple enemy stickmen using eye-catching martial arts skills. The Boss Man is waiting on the desk’s top shelf, but you have to wade through his less-talented minions before you get the chance for a shot at the title! Smack, bang, wallop - this really is light-hearted arcade gameplay at its finest!


Reminiscent of classic hand-to-hand combat games such as Streets of Rage and Electricman, this retro virtual fighting activity requires quick keyboard-tapping reflexes, and the fighting ability to pick off your enemies, one-by-one. Going on an all-out offensive might not be the best idea against so many opponents; you have to be strategically smart in how you attack and defend. Your acrobatic stickman is capable of some truly amazing karate and kung fu style moves, but you need to be tactful and prudent if you want to literally reach the Top Shelf. Let’s show these purple stickman wannabes a real Master of the art!

How to Play: Before you start, you can alter the game controls, and the number of lives that your stickman is going to have once battle commences. For beginner players, we recommend clicking and dragging the ‘Protagonist’s Life’ bar at the top of the game screen to 10. However, there is no need to change the controls / movement settings. Once you click ‘Play’ in the bottom right corner of the settings page, the action begins.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move your black stickman character around the game screen. Press the Z Key to attack (punch and kick), the X Key to jump, and the C Key to perform a protective round-house kick. Try not to use this option too often, as you lose a small amount of health each time you hit an opponent with the protective spinning kick. Your Health Bar is located in the top left corner of the play area. To progress, you have to dispatch all of the purple enemies in each section of the desk. There are 3 sections on the ‘Bottom Shelf’ before you take on the Boss Man on the ‘Top Shelf’. This Boss Man has 4 lives, and is much more competent than the minions on the lower shelf. Good luck and fight smart!

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