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Base Defense Battle Strategy Game - Grid Command

Rating: 9.1/10 - 4180 votes

The enemy is marching toward your base, General… and as the old battle saying goes; attack is the best form of defense! Grid Command is an intense and challenging tower defense-style strategy game where you have to build gun turrets, blockades and other powerful defenses to stop wave after wave of enemy vehicles, tanks and aircraft from destroying your military base. Strategically place explosive weaponry to blast the enemy off your doorstep, and protect your base from both ground and air attacks.

This all-action war adventure will keep you right on the edge of your seat, as you frantically try to build defensive measures to deflect and destroy the enemy. Strategic planning is vitally important – you can build blocking walls as well as gun turrets – so choose your defenses wisely. The gameplay is similar to the classic Bloons Tower Defense games – albeit this game has a lot more firepower! Have you got the shrewd tactical nous, quick thinking skills, and combat endurance to hold out against the odds? We believe in you to defend your station!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to survive for as long as you can against the waves of enemy forces intent on destroying your base. You must place a variety of different gun turrets and other defenses around your base. Each turret or defensive measure costs virtual money to place, and you begin the game with $1000 worth of purchasing power. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the Turret Icon of your choice from the bottom right corner of the game screen - then click on the area on the battlefield you want to position it. You can afford the turrets that are highlighted. Once they are blacked out, it means you don’t have sufficient funds to build them.

In the early part of the game, it’s best to build your defenses close to the base. The enemy automatically starts marching toward your base (they aren’t waiting for any green light from you!). There are infantry troops in cars, tanks, and large military vehicles. If your defenses are well-placed, the early waves should be easily destroyed before they get near your base. Each time your turret guns destroy an enemy, you earn more virtual income, the total of which is indicated above the gun turret icons. The turrets automatically fire when any enemy vehicle is in range (Also note that placed turrets can be removed (scrapped), purchased again, and placed elsewhere). If an enemy vehicle penetrates your defenses, it crashes into your base, decreasing the blue Health Bar in the bottom right corner. In later levels, enemy aircraft fly toward your base, so make sure you have suitable anti-aircraft turrets placed. Click on each turret to find out the cost of building one, plus whether it attacks ‘Ground’ or ‘Air’ enemies.

You don’t always have to build gun turrets. You can build Walls that deflect the enemies' path toward your base. This is particularly useful if you have a strong concentration of guns in one area – you can try to deflect the enemy toward this area using the Walls. Unfortunately, you can’t just build a huge wall around the base – there’s always at least one small gap that the enemy can get through unless they are eliminated. In the bottom left corner, you can see how many ‘Waves’ you have survived, as well as the countdown timer to the next wave’s arrival. Survive 50 waves to receive a Bronze Medal, 100 waves for the Silver Medal, and 150 waves for the Gold Medal.

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