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Town Defense Strategy Game - Darkness Springs Defense 2

Rating: 8.7/10 - 517 votes

Darkness Springs Defense 2 is an all-action, fantasy tower-defense strategy game for older kids / teens where you have to protect your medieval town center and surrounding village against wave after wave of monsters, zombies, wolves, beasts, and other supernatural creatures. Set in a creepy little forest village that is under attack from a variety of disfigured bad guys and beasts intent on terrorizing the inhabitants, this is an intense battle of defensive tactics - and a true test of your strategic planning abilities.

Build guard towers and defensive walls to try and keep out the fiendish brutes – only a well-placed set of defensive buildings can save the people of the village. Your decision making will be put under huge pressure as you try to quickly select good defensive positions for your towers and buildings. Have you got the shrewd tactical know-how and strategic brain to create an impenetrable fortress around your key buildings? You’ve got a monstrous task ahead of you, Great Protector – so let’s rid the land of these fearsome foes once and for all!

How to Play: There are 2 different game modes to choose from: Campaign Mode, and Endless Game Mode. In Campaign Mode, there are 6 increasingly difficult levels (maps) where you have to survive a set number of ruthless enemy Waves to progress (although you can choose to continue to face increasingly difficult Waves once you’ve reached your set target on that level). In Endless Game Mode, you stay on the same level, and have to survive as many Waves as possible. The controls and settings are the same for both game modes. Your opponents try to reach the center of the village and destroy all of the dwelling buildings by hacking at them and putting them on fire. Your goal is to stop them in their tracks.

In both modes, you begin each level with no defensive buildings, just the main town center building. You have 20 seconds before the first wave of monsters attack the village – so you’d better get strategically placing your defense system! Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the building icons in the bottom left corner of the game screen. Then, click on the area of the map that you want to place your defensive tower (or dwelling house so that you can add extra defensive towers).

‘Walls’ just block off the invaders, while ‘Guard Towers’ fire arrows and rocks at the approaching forces. Each tower costs a certain amount of Gold to build. You start off each level with 1000 units worth of gold, and earn more for each attacker that you eliminate. Note that you must add more village dwellings in order to increase your defensive capabilities; You can only build 3 defensive towers for each dwelling – so if you want to add more defenses, you have to add more houses on the map. More powerful defensive towers are unlocked as you progress within the level. If one of your buildings catches fire, click on it, then click the ‘Repair’ button in order to restore the building (This costs you gold!). Buildings and towers already on the map can be taken out and sold for extra Gold (by clicking on the ‘Sell’ button). Hover your computer mouse over any building to check on its Health Bar. Once all of your dwelling buildings and town center are destroyed, it’s game over.

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