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Strategy Game - Tiny Battle

Rating: 8.5/10 - 494 votes

Blow Things Up 2 is a funny skill-based destruction game for kids and teens where you have to use carefully-placed bombs to blow up nasty creatures called Things. You must use all of your explosive cunning to eliminate the evil little critters from the playing area in each increasingly-challenging level. There are a vast array of Things to contend with – heavy, bouncy, floating, and more. Don’t be fooled by their supposed cuteness – these little guys all have to be eliminated, and fast!

Strategic thinking is the key here – make sure you carefully place each of your bombs to ensure maximum carnage! Your decision making under pressure will also be tested, as you have to precisely time when to plant and detonate your explosives. This fun problem-solving strategy game centers around the law of gravity – the Things respond to gravity and explosions in different ways. Some of them are filled with helium and float up, others are extra-heavy and hard to dislodge. Figure out the solution to each level through a process of trial and error. Ok Master of Destruction – it’s time to light the fuse and take cover! Bombs Away!

How to Play: In each of the 42 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is simple – eliminate all of the nasty Things from the game screen by detonating bombs beside and around them. The Things are placed on various ledges, and you have to dislodge them with the explosions. You only have a limited number of bombs (par) in each level, so you’ll have to be precise.

Use your computer mouse to place your bombs. The bomb mimics (copies) the movement of your cursor. Left Click to put a bomb into place, and hit Spacebar to detonate it. You can place and detonate bombs one at a time, or all at the same time. You can see how many bombs remaining in your arsenal in the bottom left corner of the game screen. If you have successfully removed all of the Things from the game screen, you progress to the next level. If not, you have to replay the level. If you get stuck at any stage, click ‘Reset’ or hit the R key to restart the level.

In certain levels, there are Nice Things that you must try to protect from harm. These Nice Things are yellow – don’t dislodge them from the game area or else you’ll fail the level. There are other types of Things that you have to treat differently. Helium Things float upwards, Bouncy Things violently bounce around and Heavy Things are hard to dislodge. There are also Fire Things that can cause extra explosions and melt ice. A tutorial informs you what each Thing does every time a new one is introduced.

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