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Online Space Strategy Game - Astrae Bellum

Rating: 9.1/10 - 379 votes

Astrae Bellum is a fascinating space strategy game for kids, teens and adults where you have to score more "constellation" points than different ancient Gods by conquering stars, finding new constellations and casting spells, in an attempt to rebuild Olympus. This stunning physics-based game is captivating, demanding and offers endless hours of ambient fun! Have a go! See if you can unleash and control the magnificent power of the stars!  

Background: The Gods are hungry for power. Mercury (the Roman God of Eloquence) is trying to get Venus (the Roman Goddess of Love) to form an alliance so that they are stronger and better able to rebuild Olympus. Mercury has to impress her with his strength and skill if she is to agree. Be warned; power can corrupt!  

You score points by conquering the other God’s stars - by sending (dragging and dropping) half the energy from your stars to theirs, therefore overcoming them. When a star is full, it generates “Mana” which you can use to cast powerful spells. Your goal is to make the whole sky yours! You can also score points by finding constellations in the sky. You briefly see where the constellations are at the start of each level, so take note! You need to convince this beautiful goddess of your strength and power in order to win the skies! The sands of time are drifting slowing away. Once the hourglass finishes up, the God with most points is the winner. Set amongst wondrous stars, accompanied by deep ethereal sounds, this game is an absolute must to play. Fancy controlling all the stars in the universe? OK, well let this cosmic battle begin!

How To Play: Use your computer mouse to Click & Drag energy from your star(s) to a star that you want to conquer. Once you send more energy to the other stars, than they already have, they become yours (green). You can see the star's energy (indicated as a number) in the center of each star. You can slow your opponent’s energy, send energy back to the star it came from and move your energy faster between stars using the icons at the bottom of the game screen. You can see your remaining Mana and Points in the bottom left corner of the game screen and the hourglass at the bottom of the game screen. TIP: Connect as many of your green stars as possible in order to send off maximum energy to the stars you want to conquer. Have fun!

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