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Space War Strategy Game - Massive War

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Immerse yourself in an epic battle strategy game on a grand scale! Massive War is a futuristic, inter-planetary tower defense game where you battle against two other armies for control of a resource-rich, newly-discovered planet. Set in the year 2082, armies from Earth, Mars, and Pluto are vying with each other in order to conquer the planet Bluegreen, a new discovery that boasts all of the natural resources that the humans, colonists, and the supernatural alien-like race of Pluto have systematically destroyed on their own planets! These desperate circumstances can only lead to one thing – War!

This in-depth online war tactics game is all about your battle strategy, and how you set your troops and artillery up against the opposition. A shrewd and successful Commander utilizes a canny combination of ground troops, tank artillery, navy strike forces, turret guns, Special Forces, and more in an absolute all-out assault on the opposition bases. Putting all of your eggs in one basket won’t lead to Victory here, you have to be flexible in your choice of firepower. Have you got the tactical nous and combat-hardened brain, patience and resilience to outwit your opponents, and put your army on the front foot? This peaceful planet is about to get a whole lot louder! We’re behind you Commander – it’s conquer or be conquered time! Good luck!

How to Play: (Note: Once the game initially loads, click on the yellow and black ‘nuclear’ symbol in the bottom center area to progress.) Choose which army you want to command, set up your troops, and dive into an intense battle campaign that has you on the edge of your seat! In each of the 25 increasingly challenging levels in Campaign Mode (this is the only unlocked and available mode), your goal is to eliminate all enemy bases on the extreme right of the side scrolling battlefield. Before you begin the action, you have to choose your army – Artemidia (Earth), Orgelugs (Pluto), or Harmatos (Mars). Each army has different attributes and varying types of troops. Once you select your army, click on the ‘Campaign Mode’ button, and then choose which level you want to attempt on the large area map (there are 5 unlocked levels to begin with).

In battle, your 8 bases are lined up on the extreme left of the game screen, while your opponent’s bases are lined up on the right side of the battlefield. Use your computer mouse to scroll across the battlefield. Choose the units you want to send into battle by consulting your dashboard at the bottom of the game screen. There are 6 different categories of troops; Infantry, Artillery, Navy, Air Force, Tower Defence (TD), and Special. To deploy a unit of troops / tanks etc, Click on the corresponding tab, and then click on the available unit icon to send that unit onto the battlefield. You cannot send an unlimited amount of troops into battle, as each unit costs a certain amount of ‘Power’ points to deploy. You can see your Power total along the top of the game screen.

Once deployed, your units march automatically toward the enemy, and open fire on anything in their path. The level is complete when all enemy bases are destroyed. However, if the opposing army eliminates all of your bases first, you have to restart the level. Levels are grouped into sets of 5. Each time you complete a set of 5 levels, you can change the difficulty level. In between missions, you can use the hard-earned points to upgrade your units, select new and improved units, and generally upgrade your firepower.

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