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Fun Business Simulation Game - Record Shop Tycoon

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Do you fancy yourself as a business savvy entrepreneur and money management specialist? If so, why not test yourself in one of the most challenging business environments of them all today - the CD, Music and Record business. Record Shop Tycoon is an incredibly-detailed, interactive business management simulation game for older kids, teens and college students where you play the role of a smart record store owner who has to buy and sell all kinds of CDs to make profit. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so you have to come up with very creative advertising strategies, set fluctuating prices, follow market trends, stay on top of stock levels, and more. Maximize your profits to become the next record business magnate with a multi-million dollar chain of quality record stores. Bet you like the sound of that!

This fun and unusual money-management simulation game leaves nothing to chance. Every minute detail is accounted for. From the positioning of your CD racks, to the specific genres of music - every possible strategy has to be adjusted by you, the owner and brain behind the enterprise! This is a point-and-click entrepreneurial skills activity that combines good multi-tasking abilities, strategic planning, and really quick reactions. Can you keep your record store afloat in these challenging economic times? Ok Sales Master, it’s time to sell sell sell! Good luck out there on the street!

How to Play: If you are new to tycoon / business strategy of games, we recommend that you read the large instructions manual at the start of the game. This detailed tutorial booklet gives you a run-down of all the basic needs and controls of this in-depth entrepreneurship challenge (there are literally dozens of cool different aspects to it!) Your goal is to basically make as much profit as you can by buying and selling records and CDs in your very own store. You start off by buying a small store on the outskirts of the city, but by the end of the game you could have a whole chain of Mega record stores to your name!

All of the controls follow a point-and-click style, so you use your computer mouse or touchpad to play. To begin, you have to purchase stock. Do this by clicking on the ‘Office’ Tab along the top of the game screen. Click on the ‘Stock’ Icon to start buying CDs. There are 5 different genres of music (Pop, Classics, Urban, Dance & Indie), and you have to try and gauge which will be the trendy Big Seller. A newspaper pops up at the start of each “Day”, and you should be aware that it can often indicate which Genre is popular at that time. Once your store is stocked and ready, click on the “Start Day” button. Customers will wander in and out of your shop, and hopefully buy some CDs. If customers are unhappy, a little icon appears above them explaining why (you might not have the genre they are looking for, or they might have been waiting too long, etc).

At the end of each “Day”, a report tells you where you need to improve. You may need to buy extra stock, or you might need more CD racks or cash registers to speed up your customer service. To add items to your store, click on the “Build” Tab at the top of the game screen. There isn’t much room in your first store, but as you increase your profit, you can buy larger buildings. Adjust the price of your CDs in the “Marketing” section of the Office area. You can also advertise your store in the Marketing section by handing out flyers and sponsoring events. All of these things cost virtual money, so keep an eye on your total cash flow available in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

Tip: If you get stuck or a bit lost at any stage, click on the ‘Manual’ button in the top right corner to return to the instructions dossier. Give this a good read before continuing as you might learn some valuable tips on running a successful record store!

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