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Game Developer Tycoon Game - Code Monkey Tycoon

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Are you a highly determined person, perhaps interested in a career in IT, software development or any technology-based business in general, and with a love of cool online games? Are you also a great multitasker? If your answer is yes to both of those questions, do you think you have the passion and business skills required to build a virtual gaming empire? "Yes" again you say? Well then, it's definitely time to try your hand (and mind) at Code Monkey Tycoon, an awesome gaming business management simulation game where you alone control the fortunes of a large online game development company.

Suitable for older kids, high school students, college students, and grownups, this really is an amazingly in-depth tycoon-based challenge. In this refreshingly-realistic and impressively-detailed flash game, you have the opportunity to exercise and learn vital real-life, everday business skills such as working well with others, motivating employees, utilizing technology, multi-tasking under pressure, and more. For example, as the director and CEO of a start-up videogame enterprise, you must hire programmers and assign them various duties, give the green light to new game developments, oversee advertising, invest in IT research, and do so much more on top of all that.

Slowly but surely, you strive to grow your company from a tiny fish in a big pond into the most respected and wealthy gaming corporation in the industry! However, this highly ambitious goal can only be achieved through extreme dedication, non-stop productivity and positivity combined with seriously shrewd strategy and management. A successful gaming company manager sees and fully understands the ‘Big Picture’, and focuses on all aspects of the business to make it a big hit with fussy gamers. Churning out dozens of mediocre games might keep your virtual business ticking along - but in the long run, you need to be producing top-quality, addicting environments if you want to survive and grow in this notoriously difficult and ever-changing marketplace. Ok, let's knuckle down to the task at hand, and start producing and making profit! Enjoy the challenge and the journey to achieving your success!

How to Play: There is no ‘winning’ of this game in the traditional sense of winning. Instead, the challenge is to earn as much as you can while keeping your company’s finances from dipping below zero dollars. You play until you feel satisfied with your earnings.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform all of the controls by clicking on the various icons at the bottom of the game screen. Pay close attention to the introductory tutorial, as this gives you the basic outline of how to set up and build a programming team, and create a virtual game. Once you create a game, the sales figures are added to your cash flow in the top left corner of the game screen.

There are 6 main circular dashboard icons along the bottom of the game zone: Management, Lab, Development, Distribution, Advertising, and Results. Click on any of these icons in order to access the menus related to each aspect. For example, if you click on Development, you may then choose either the ‘New Project’ button (which introduces a new game), or the ‘Current Project’ button (which allows you to view the progress of ongoing games). As your company grows in size, you need to hire more staff to cope with the increasing workload; this is done through clicking the Management icon. Here, you can also keep a closer eye on your company finances as well as the salary of each employee.

Creating games aggressively is simply not enough to achieve success in the long run. You must also advertise your creations in order to increase sales. Clicking on the Advertising icon, increase your company’s advertising exposure online, in magazines, on TV etc. The more you stay on top of these various aspects of the business, the more likely you are to continue making profits.

Your company funds are stated in the top left corner of the play area. To the right of this figure is the number of workers you employ (next to the human avatar). Finally, the yellow smiley face indicates whether your financial outlook is positive or negative. If the face is smiling – you are doing the right things. However, if the face is sad, you’d better make some changes sharply or your finances will otherwise plummet! Good luck on the road!

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