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Top Tycoon Strategy Game - Frontier

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If you are a tycoon game enthusiast, prepare yourself for an epic economics and trade game set in an enthralling period in American history. Frontier takes you on an in-depth journey back in time to the Wild West, and the opportunity to choose between a life of dignified trade and nobility, or a life of thrills, spills and petty crime! This is an exhaustive, RPG / tycoon adventure game for high school students and grownups where you have to buy, sell, trade, fight, recruit, and survive as you travel around America in the "good ol’ days".

The ‘Frontier’ is a term used to describe an expanding area in North America during a period in time between the early 17th century and early 20th century which saw the migration westward of settlements of Europeans and their descendants. The ‘Wild West’ is probably a more commonly used term today to describe this blend of U.S. geography, history, folklore, and cultural change during those centuries. Far from being just a place where pistols were easily drawn at dusk or dawn, the Frontier was an environment of rapid population growth and economic development, and was a catalyst for the formation of the United States. However, that’s enough of a history lesson for today! Let’s get stuck into the real action and function of the game!

Frontier is essentially a very good business management-style strategy game with some turn-based fighting thrown into the mix! You have to buy and sell goods, food, weapons, vehicles, and more, as you travel from town to town trying to become as successful and prosperous as possible. While you can opt to remain neutral, you can also choose to become a good guy (the Enforcer to finally rid the lands of roaming outlaws), or one of the naughty bad guys (the Buccaneers) along the way. Smart decision making skills, strategic planning and multi-tasking abilities, as well as economic nous are all important attributes to have if you want to survive in this tough landscape, and increase your wealth (money). The choice is yours Partner – remain a small fish in a one horse town, or travel the length and breadth of the nation in search of the American Dream! Either way, it sure is going to be a wild ride!

How to Play: At the beginning of the game, choose your name and appearance, and customize some initial attributes (you can add 6 ‘points’ to either your Trade, Travel, Defense, or Attack capabilities to begin with). You start off in the town of Boghorn, with 5000G (Gold) to your name. Click on the various different ‘tabs’ along the top of the game screen to learn about how & when to use them. The ‘Buy’ tab allows you to buy goods ranging from cloth and timber to iron and bronze. The ‘Sell’ tab is where you can sell goods to recover Gold. The ‘Arms’ and ‘Armor’ tabs are where you purchase your fighting equipment. The ‘Vessel’ tab is for purchasing transport such as horses, carriages etc. In the ‘Party’ tab, you can acquire foot soldiers and companions for your eventual travel. The ‘Tavern’ tab gives you information about the current town, and the ‘Guilds’ tab is where you sign up to become an Enforcer or a Buccaneer.

After you have explored these tabs and purchased some materials, click on the ‘Travel’ tab. This brings you to a large map with over 50 different destinations each offering a new financial opportunity. Click on a nearby castle icon (you can only travel to towns that are within walking distance) to travel to the next town. As your character walks along the route, you are faced with a number of scenarios. For example, a team of Enforcers might ask to search you. You have to choose whether to ‘Allow’ this, or ‘Attack’. You might come across an injured person. Here, you have to decide whether to ‘Rob’ or ‘Help’ the person. You will be confronted with a number of these situations during each trip between towns. How you act determines your overall reputation. Once you reach the next town, you are free to explore the various tabs as described above. Remember that the prices of goods and services are different in each town, so try to profit on your goods.

As you grow more prosperous and powerful, you are more likely to be challenged in turn-based fights while on the road. Whether you win or lose depends on the power of your attacks, the number of men in your party, the strength of the opposition etc. If you lose a fight (i.e. your ‘Energy Bar’ runs out, you have to return to the previous town.) Each town offers a range of different financial and trade opportunities, so try to make the most of each trip. If you sign up to become an Enforcer or a Buccaneer, those groups set you individual tasks which can yield good results. However, you are then more vulnerable to attack from the opposing group. (Note: This is a very large game which carries a lot of data. As the game is loading, it may ask your permission to store more memory. Click ‘Allow’ once you plan to continue.)

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