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Technology Tycoon Game - Corporation Inc.

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Dynamic tech entrepreneurs required! The information technology sector is central to any nation's economy, public health, security, and safety. Do you fit the criteria of a hungry and passionate business owner who really wants to be a part of this intensely competitive industry today and in the future? Do you believe you have the shrewd management skills and endless determination needed to create great success, and grow an "start-up’ IT company?

Corporation Inc. is a very challenging and highly-motivating online management simulation game where you have to build a ‘button pushing’ company from zero. Beginning life as a small-scale start-up, you are tasked with growing the company into a big-name player in the IT world. As the managing director / CEO, you assume the responsibility of building offices, hiring employees, choosing the direction of the company, making big decisions, and plenty more. There’s no room for sentiment here - it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and only the most uncompromisingly tenacious, ruthless, or efficient management types come out on top!

Key to this addicting tycoon game is good strategy, smart decision making, and the ability to multi-task under pressure. Whether it’s selecting the right employees and building a close-knit workforce, deciding to upgrade your buildings, influencing the research of your company, your ‘business brain’ needs to be fully switched on at all times. While older players can enjoy the fast-paced, enterprising action, younger gamers can practice and learn excellent real-life lessons such as time management, financial organization, being part of a team, strong decision making, and more. In the intense world of IT, the hobbyists are very quickly separated from the pros – Which category do you fall into?

How to Play: Throughout the course of the game, your goal is to fulfill the 32 specific business ‘Objectives’ that are set out on the toolbar at the bottom of the game screen. At the beginning, you receive simple tasks such as ‘build an office block’ or ‘hire an employee’, but the Objectives become much more difficult as you progress. Each time you complete an Objective, you receive a virtual cash reward. You can use your virtual funds to purchase new items such as more office space, increased workforce, staff upgrades etc.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, click on any of the icons on the toolbar at the top in order to add something to the game screen. For example, at the beginning of the game, you must click on the ‘Build Office’ icon, and then click on the area of land where you want to build. To hire an employee, click on the ‘Hire People’ icon. Keep referring to the ‘Objective’ tab at the bottom of the game screen to see what needs to be done next. Good luck, and happy business managing!

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