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Free Farming Simulation Game - Farm Frenzy 3

Rating: 8.7/10 - 1901 votes

Farm Frenzy 3 is one of the few fun and highly educational RPG games that encourage entrepreneurial thinking skills the easy way in middle and high school students. The whole idea of this business strategy / farm management simulation game is to start from the very beginning and to grow your farming business by wisely spending and investing your virtual revenue (credits) on the current needs of your farm - feed your animals, grow crops, collect produce and manufacture goods to sell.

The game starts with basic hints that give you an initial understanding of how everything works before you fully immerse yourself in the game. You are always provided with a set of goals to achieve – which show what needs to be collected and the amount (the minimum for the goal to be completed). You are welcome to achieve well beyond the minimum set if you wish, as doing so will reward you with various bonuses – extra time and credits.

How to Play: A Guinea Fowl produces eggs but to do so, it needs to eat grass (which must be planted and grown by you - the hard-working farmer).The grass must be watered but water costs money. Use your virtual pot of money wisely for water usage. Do not grow too much grass for just one or two birds, as you may run out of available credits needed for future important business purchases. There must be a balance between earnings and spending. If you earn less than you are spending – there must be something wrong with your farming business model, and you may end up flat broke. Common sense and good money management must prevail!

As in every farming business, there are things that could go wrong and are beyond your direct control. A predator (a lion, for example) may pay an untimely visit to your farm and eat your birds, leaving you with nothing but wet eyes. To avoid this – double click on the predator several times to put it into a cage and contain it (Further clicks will put more bars on the cage to improve safety of your livestock).

When you have Produce ready – collect it (for example, eggs). All collected produce is stored in the warehouse (see the icon in the bottom middle part of the game screen). Clicking on the warehouse opens a window with a table of the items stored and that are available for shipping (for sale). You may sell products one by one or all in one go by clicking on the blue buttons shown next to each product. Once you have selected the products for sale, you can ship them and earn virtual income.

You can even sell a captured lion and earn some money for it. Once you have saved enough virtual money, you may buy more live stock by clicking on non-greyed out icons on the top left corner (Guinea Fowl, Turkeys, Cows etc) to help grow your farm and generate even more virtual income. Your business starts of slowly in the beginning (your farm is small) but as you buy more livestock, you get very busy indeed. Just like every business man.

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