Free real estate game online for kids to play with no download: Real estate tycoon game for PC, Mac - play Jane’s Realty, a time management/ money management business simulation game for kids/ teens (girls & boys), high school students. Fun flash games teaching entrepreneurship.
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Play Free Real Estate Tycoon Game - Jane’s Realty

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Have you got the vision and dogged determination to become a success in the ultra-competitive world of real estate development, urban planning and property sales? Jane’s Realty is a fun business strategy simulation game where you have to reach a number of set targets against the clock by developing land, buying and selling houses, building property, and other real estate for profit. Build your property portfolio as you try to go from small-time neighborhood wheeler-dealer to big-time real estate tycoon! Can you make it all the way to the bright lights and bling of the big city?

This interesting entrepreneurial adventure activity combines good time and money management requirements, strategic planning, and quick reactions as you try to build the houses and facilities that each area on your area on the map needs. Move from the suburbs to the big city as you increase your profile, and try to become the main realtor in town. Let's learn if you’ve got the savvy business skills and tactical know-how to become a true real estate magnate one day! Good luck on the road!

How to Play: In each level (area on the map), you have to reach a specific real estate 'Goal' set out by the game before the timer at the bottom of the game screen runs out. For example; your Goal might be to build a water tower and a power plant within the time limit. This Goal is indicated to you at the start of each level, and the controls follow a point-and-click method. In early levels, on-screen tutorials let you know how and where to add each building.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the un-shaded ‘Lot’ area on the game screen to purchase that land. Then, click on the relevant tab in the bottom left corner (Services / Houses / Buildings) to add your desired building onto the plot of land. In earlier levels, only the buildings that you have to build as part of your Goal are highlighted and available. In later levels, when you have multiple Goals, all building options are available. Once you complete your Goal before the blue Timer Bar disappears, you progress to the next level.

In later levels, you have to build and rent houses for profit. Buying land and building materials costs a lot of virtual money. Renting out your houses earns you back that money, unit by unit. In some levels, you have to have a certain amount of virtual income in your account (in the bottom right corner) in order to progress. If the requested buildings aren’t built, or you haven’t made sufficient income before the timer runs out, you have to replay the level.

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