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Play Virtual Farming Game - My Wonderful Farm

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Ever wondered what it would be like to run your very own farm? Well now you can, with My Wonderful Farm, the construction and management simulation game where your goal is to build and maintain a profitable farmyard. Sow crops, take care of animals and buy stock as you try to make your farm the envy of farmers all over the County! This farm manager role-playing game is very effective in helping you to learn the skills of running a business. It will also exercise your creative engineering skills, as you have to build your farmyard from scratch.

This game will really test how well you can multi-task, as there is so much to be done! You have to plant crops, water them and harvest them – before selling them for a nice profit! Don’t forget the animals – cows, chickens and sheep. They all have to be fed and taken care of, before selling their produce to earn the virtual cash you need to improve your farm. Think you’ve got what it takes to be the Best Farmer in the business? Well then, show us what you’ve got!

How to Play: You use your computer mouse for every control in this game. For the early levels, you have to plant, water and harvest crops for selling. You start off with strawberries. To plant a patch of strawberries, click on the hoe icon at the left of your game screen (all your tools are on the left of the game screen) and pick any patch of grass, left clicking where you want to dig.

Once you have dug up the ground, plant the crops by clicking on the bag of strawberries and then the dug up earth. Your strawberries start to grow, but they need water, so click on the water-can icon, then bring it to the well to fill it up. Click back on your strawberry patch to water them. Once they have grown to full size (ripe), click on the wheelbarrow and bring them to the barn. Once you do that, you will see virtual money go into your account at the top left of the game screen. Remember to keep watering your crops otherwise they wither away.

Once you earn enough virtual money you can purchase animals. Put these animals on your farmyard and they will give you produce (goods) that you can sell. Cows give you milk, chickens give you eggs and sheep give you wool. Each of these goods earn you more virtual money once you bring them to the barn to be sold. Check the icons on the barn to see which items are selling well. If milk is selling well, keep going back to your cow, but if apples are selling well, plant more apple seeds to maximize your profits!

Tip: Once you really get to grips with this game, you can stay ‘one click ahead’. If you see that your crops will be ready just as you’re finished milking the cow, click on them and a blue tick will come up beside them. That means that you will visit them next. Once you are experienced, you can stay 4 or 5 clicks ahead of the game and constantly be on the move, harvesting and selling.

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