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Online Science / Global Health Game - Pandemic 2

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Pandemic 2 - In this online strategy game you play the role of an evil scientist trying to create a biological weapon. You are the one trying to create a virus, a parasite or bacteria with specific characteristics which in turn infects all inhabitants on Earth. You win the game if you achieve this. This is not an easy task as governments and hospitals are, at the same time, working hard to prevent the spread of disease and find a cure. 

It’s your job to infect everyone in the world with your disease. You start with a disease that's very low on the radar which looks like a locally-spread flu. There are very few symptoms to indicate what sort of contraction this is, and most people do not recognize what trouble is coming to them. While keeping the long-term effects of the infection low enough, you can increase the spread of the infection without being taken seriously by governments. If you manage to infect 80% of the population so it has an annoying but inconsequential infection, you can put your evil plan to work – to increase the deadliness of the infection up to 11 times and wipe out life on the planet. This sure is one crazy scientist that you are role playing.

How to Play:  Select your preferred life form to spread disease. Your virus starts out in one country and you have to spread it around to other countries. If your disease displays too many symptoms of and looks like an epidemic, other countries will shut down their borders, close their airports and sea ports by disallowing you to spread your disease into their country. If people from infected countries cannot travel into a country, that country will stay immune to your disease and that means game over for you! You may mutate your disease to allow it to become airborn or make it able to live and spread in water. However your disease cannot travel over the ocean water to cross to island countries. Airborn disease can be prevented through the use of facial masks and is not very effective once noticed by hospitals and announced on the news.

There are many medical terms and types of sickness available for selection but you should have a good grip of what each does before you employ them. Before you use them, you must learn which ones are easy to spread and which ones are easy to cure or stop. The bottom part of the game has all the controls of the game. When a certain menu is opened – it can be closed by clicking the small grey X button in the top right corner.  The WORLD menu button displays the general situation in the world currently, to allow you estimate the progress of your devious work. The DISEASE button will open the controls of your disease, allowing you to add or remove certain symptoms of the disease at a cost of evolution points. EVOLUTION points is a small DNA icon with a number showing how many evolution points you have available. Next to it is a Pause button to stop the clock ticking. There are 3 circle buttons after the pause button. They only allow you to increase the speed of the process and cut the wait time. This can be noticed by watching at the clock on the very left bottom of the game.

At the start of the game, you need to go slow and try and let your disease spread to every country in the world including small islands. It is good to start on the rodent/rat and keep the disease weak as long as you can. However – some countries have shipyards and no airports and once rodents are seen as a source of infection – all of the shipyards will be closed, thus preventing your disease from spreading to countries with no airports.

Once the disease has spread to every region & country, increase the lethal abilities of your disease and take out everyone at once with multiple symptoms. Try adding fever, vomiting and sweating together as they increase its deadliness powers. Only when everyone is infected, should you pick your lethal symptoms because scientists will start working on a vaccine as soon as epidemic levels are reached, and if cure is found – your game is over.

Tips: Look at the newsfeed in the top left corner and when a Flood Happens and you are already infecting that area, choose transmission method as Waterborn, and it will spread much more rapidly throughout that region. If you start out with a symptom like coughing, it is worth spending the points to remove that symptom to keep your disease unnoticed. You can check how each individual country is doing and plan your moves by clicking on the country with your computer mouse left button. To see countries from other regions, use the map slider located in the top left corner. The highlighted area can be moved to select a region.

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