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Free Restaurant Game Online - Bear Dinner Restaurant

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Bear Dinner Restaurant is an amusing restaurant game and food service business management learning activity for children, teens and Big Kids where you have to serve a number of small blue bears their food on time, and make them happy so that your restaurant will become a popular thriving success. This bright and bouncy food game requires quick thinking, a positive attitude and super-fast table service skills! Can you keep the pace? You better! You don’t want swarm of grumbling bears barking orders at you – no one likes a scene in a restaurant. Now get moving!

OK, so you play the role of a big happy brown bear with your own restaurant. You are trying to save up enough money to go on vacation, so you need to work as hard possible! Don’t screw it up - it’s already nearly summer! You have to serve the small demanding bears, and turn your restaurant into a successful business. Serve them before they get angry or they might leave and you will lose custom or have to throw the food out and lose money. You need to earn a stated amount of money per day to survive. Time for action. Remember, don’t rush - just move faster! Best of luck Big Bear!

How To Play: To choose a name for your bear character, use your computer mouse to click on the typing area in the game screen. Then type in the name you want to use. When the game starts, use the computer mouse to move the bear and food items around the game screen. Click on the small bear and then click on the table and the bear will go to the table. Click on the bear again to take his order. Click on the food items at the top of the game screen to prepare them. When the green bar below the item is full, the food is prepared and will appear on the far side of the restaurant. Click on the prepared food item to collect it and then click on the table to place it. Once the bear has left the table - click on the money on the table to collect the money. You can see the amount of money you have to make per day and the amount you have made in the bottom right of the game screen. You can pause the game by clicking on “Pause” in the top right corner of the game screen.

You can throw out any unused food in the trash can at the bottom of the game screen (Note that you lose money for this). The restaurant opens from 9.00AM to 9.00PM. When the last bear leaves, the day is over and you get to see how much money you made - (The amount needed/earned/profit made and your bank balance).

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