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Online Restaurant Game - Penguin Diner 2

Rating: 9.2/10 - 2149 votes

Penguin Diner 2 is a funny little restaurant simulation game where you play the role of Penny the Polar Penguin, and have to use your expert table waiting, customer service and business management skills to quickly serve some hungry and demanding penguins (your diner's customers). You need to seat the customers, take their orders, serve their snacks on time, and collect the payments & tips in order to make sure you earn the required daily amount of money to keep your business in profit.

If you mess up the order or are too slow serving, the penguins get angry and you lose custom! You need to be quick on your toes and fast with the food! This is lunch time, a peak time of day, and these customers don’t like to be left waiting. If you manage to make everyone happy and pay their bills, the restaurant will flourish! Let’s get to work! Hello, Sir, yes, Madam, can I take your order? You play the role of Penny the Polar Penguin. You’re just back from an epic sea voyage to your homeland. You notice that the quality of the food in restaurants has dropped significantly whilst you were away. This was a golden opportunity for a budding entrepreneur and wannabe tycoon!

You decide to start your own high quality cafe restaurant with expert customer service and lightening-fast table waiting tactics! Make them happy – keep them paying – and keep them coming back for more! Earn as much as you can. With the virtual money you earn, you can upgrade your busy restaurant – make it more comfortable, and encourage customers to give you even bigger tips! OK, ready for some super-cool service, penguin style? Enjoy running your own business!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to move objects in the game screen. First, Left Click on a penguin customer to select it. Then click on a free table to seat the penguin. The customer will wave at you when it is ready to order. Click on the customer to find out what it wishes to order. When the order / dish is prepared, a bell rings, and the order appears on the ice bar at the bottom of the game screen. Now you need to get the prepared food or drink to the waiting customer. More customers are arriving fast. Seat them quickly, take their orders, and serve their snacks on time (Note: you can carry two dishes at once).

Click on the correct penguin, and the order will be served to that penguin. Remember to pick up the payment and tip once the customer has left. You can see the required virtual money you have to earn to break even (with a little profit for your hard efforts) on that level, and the amount you have already earned that day in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Tips: The better your chef is, the quicker the food is cooked and drinks prepared – meaning more satisfied customers. Try and seat young lovebirds together – watch out for the boy and girl penguins.

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