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Path Analysis Game - Taxi PickUp

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Have you heard the wacky story where aliens swoop down from space to abduct our happily-grazing cows? Well in this online game, what happens is actually even wackier – the aliens don’t abduct cows, they instead give them a taxi-cab ride! Moo Cab is a hilarious and addicting spaceship flying game that incorporates elements of skill, timing and virtual money management. You play the role of the alien cab driver, and have to pick up cartoon cows, and fly them to different barns all across the game screen. The quicker you complete the journey without any bumps along the way, the better cab fare you earn (more virtual cash for your upgrades).

You have to be extremely careful though. Farmers generally don’t like alien spaceships landing outside their barn. So, make sure to quietly and carefully maneuver your spaceship so that you don’t knock the cows over. This fun alien adventure will really test your quick reactions as there are cows looking for rides all over the place. You’ll also need nifty fingers because crashing the spaceship off things makes the cows (your customers) unhappy, resulting in less tips (virtual income) for you. There’s a money management and good business practice theme to this game as you have to use the tips you earn to purchase upgrades for your cool taxi-cap spacecraft. Ok Space Taxi Operator, it’s time to make the most of your very interesting career choice! Safe travel out in them there skies!

How to Play: In each of the 48 increasingly challenging levels, you have to ferry cows from barn to barn all across the game screen in your spaceship / taxi-cab. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to fly the spacecraft around. Once you spot a cow coming out of a barn, land the spaceship beside it. The cow happily climbs on board, and tells you the number of the barn he wants to go to. In the bottom right corner of the game screen, your passenger shows the number of the barn in a speech bubble (these are old-school Roman Numerals written on each barn I, II III, IV V etc).

If you bring the cow to his destination quickly, and without crashing off anything, you receive a generous tip. However, if you take a long time to reach the destination, and keep crashing off ledges and other objects, you earn less virtual money. The brown-colored cows are particularly rich, so drive with extreme care when they are on board. In each level, you have to complete a certain number of rides to progress. This number is indicated in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Your spacecraft sometimes runs low on fuel. Your Fuel Bar is along the bottom of the playing area, and flashes when you are running low. To recharge your energy levels, fly in front of the moon (or is it the moooooon!) – and the moonlight re-fills your Fuel Bar. Your Shield Bar is just to the left of this. If you keep crashing off ledges, your Shield Bar will decrease. If it goes altogether, you crash and have to restart the level.

When picking cows up in later levels, be careful not to knock them over. Not only does this result in less tips, but the farmer comes out and fires his prepared anti-aircraft gun at your spaceship. This rapidly decreases the Shield Bar, so ensure to land carefully, giving the cows enough room to jump on-board. At the end of each level, use your hard-earned virtual income to purchase spaceship upgrades. These include easier steering, less fuel consumption, and more charisma – which results in higher tips. Happy nights!

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