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Fun Music Typing Game / Guitar Playing Game - Riff Master II

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Riff Master II is a fun, reactions-based, electric guitar music simulation game and keyboard typing challenge. You play the role of an aspiring rock band guitarist with attitude, and must tactfully type in the correct notes as they scroll through the game screen in order to score points. You can also join forces with a friend, and form an awesome 2-piece band! Your goal is to score as many points as you can in each level / song in order to progress and earn special bonuses.

Stimulate your smart reactions and keyboard tapping skills as you try to hit the right notes in the correct places. Give your anticipation and observation skills a real workout as you check out when and where the on-coming notes must be ‘played’ on your keyboard. Of course, don't forget to enjoy the hard rock action!

How to Play: This Flash music playing simulation game can be played on notebook, laptop and PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In 1 Player Mode, there are 3 different game modes / difficulty levels to choose from: 1P Easy, 1P Normal and 1P Hard. There are 9 levels / songs in total, and your goal is to score at least 75% in order to progress from one song to another.

Once you choose your difficulty level, you then select which band you want to be in (Options are ‘The Extreme Dreams’, Violet Skyset, and The Smelly Vipers). After you select a track to play on, then select your ‘style’ and ‘guitar model’. If you choose ‘Classic Style’, you play with the ASD & JKL Keys on your computer keyboard. If you choose ‘Rocker Style’, you play with the 123 and MKO Keys.

In each song, music notes (in the form of skull-shaped icons) descend from the top of the fret board. Once a skull icon reaches the corresponding letter at the bottom of the play area, you must type in that letter at that very moment. Depending on your timing, you score points for each note correctly played. You lose points for each note that you miss. At the end of the song, you must have a success rate of 75% or higher to progress.

Note: In 2 Player Mode, Player 1 controls the three keys on the left hand side of the keyboard, and Player 2 controls the keys on the right hand side of the keyboard. Good luck with then enthusiastic teamwork!

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