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Unity 3D ATV / Quad Bike Game – Quad King

Rating: 8.4/10 - 340 votes
The ATV (or quad bike) is definitely one of the coolest vehicles in the dirt racing world! ATV riding requires great skill, bravery, balance and poise to stay on board in rough terrain and at high speed. Quad King lives up to the sense of excitement and freedom of the quad biking world. This a high-octane 3D ATV driving game where you take control of a fuel-guzzling, dust-spewing quad bike on 5 increasingly tricky courses. There’s no clock, no opponents, and no fancy controls – you simply have to try and stay upright for the whole wild ride!

Test your reactions skills and savvy keyboard tapping ability as you embark on a raucous 5-step journey to ATV stardom! There is absolutely no room for error – any slight over-leaning movement, too far forward or backward, on this terrain results in an almighty crash! Are you ready to launch yourself into the crazy action?

How to Play: (Note – Unity Web Player must be installed on your browser in order for this game to load). On each of the 5 progressively difficult tracks (Beach, Water, Jungle, Desert, Fields), your objective is to get your quad bike to the Finish Line without crashing and unseating your rider. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys to control your quad: Up Arrow / W = Accelerate; Down Arrow / S = Brake; Left Arrow / A = Lean Back; Right Arrow / D = Lean Forward. If your quad tips over and crashes, you fail the level and must start again from the beginning. Tip: The courses are quite long, and there is no time limit – so "perhaps" take your time on the tricky humps and bumps. Enjoy the fun challenge!

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